5th ODI: India vs Zimbabwe – As it happened...

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Indian innings

Over 34 || Score 167/3

India win the match by 7 wickets and the series 5-0. Jadeja seals the match by a superb six.

Jadeja 48*(77b)
Karthik 10* (19b)


Over 30 || Score 141/3

Williams called in for the 26th over. Jadeja smashes the flighted full toss on off stump, and it goes for four! Wicket Rahane out at 50! Part-timer Waller has struck. The delivery spins in sharply and hit the middle stump. Dinesh Kartik walks in. 12 runs off the 29th over.

India edging towards victory, need 23 runs to win.

Jadeja 32*(65b)
KD Karthik 2* (7b)
Wicket: AM Rahane b Waller 50 (66b)


Over 25 || Score 116/2

A couple of boundaries in the next five overs. Three dot balls in the 22nd over by Mushangwe. Two extras in form of wide balls, three runs from the 22nd over. Mutombodzi comes in to attack in the 23rd over. Rahane goes for a boundary off the Mutombodzi delivery. 8 runs off the 23rd over.
Another boundary for India. This time by Jadeja in the 24th. Jadeja hit Mushangwe’s ball straight over the bowler. Rahane goes for a boundary through extra cover in the 25th over.

India need 48 runs to win.

RA Jadeja 14* (50b 1x4)
AM Rahane 47* (58b 4x4 1x6)


Over 20 || Score 94/2
Slow pace of runs. After a few singles in 13th and 14th overs, the 15th is a maiden one. In the 19th over, Rahane hits the ball over deep mid wicket, it’s a six ! Ten runs off the 20th over.
India need 70 runs to win.

AM Rahane 38* (48b)
RA Jadeja 7* (30b)


Over 12 || Score 56/2

After a blazing start, Shikhar Dhawan is out. Zimbabwe gets yet another breakthrough. Second wicket in the match for Jarvis. Jadeja is the new batsman at the crease.

S Dhawan c †Taylor b Jarvis 41 (38b )


Over 6 || Score 43/1

Cheteshwar Pujara is once again at the crease to open the Indian innings with the in-form batsman Shikhar Dhawan. Out. Pujara out in the first over. Once again the ball gone through Pujara's defence. A good length delivery by Jarvis came in after pitching and hit the middle stump. It was a wicket maiden. Rahane came in after the fall of first wicket. In the third over Dhawan sent Javris’s third ball towards the extra cover boundary for a four. First boundary for Dhawan and India. In the fourth over off Vitori Dhawan smashed three boundaries in the third, fifth and sixth ball. Vitori conceded 15 runs in the over. In the fifth over Rahane scored his first boundary towards the leg side. Dhawan wants to finish off the match as quickly as possible. In the second ball off the sixth over Dhawan smacked a six of Vitori and then in the fourth collected a boundary at cover region. And as they say fortune favours the brave. Dhawan got the top edge in the fifth delivery but it landed just short off the fielder.

CA Pujara b Jarvis 0 (2m 4b)


Over 39.5 || Score 163

Double blow for Zimbabwe in the 34th over. Mishra first sent Chigumbura back to the pavilion in the first ball of the over and then in the last disguised Mutombodzi to get an edge of his bat which went to Raina at first slip. In the next over Mushangwe launched Jadeja for a maximum. First six of the match. Out. Mishra is on a roll here. In the following over Mishra took his fourth wicket of the match. And this time it was the well settled Williams. Mishra bowled a quicker and straighter one, Williams tried to sweep it but only managed to get his gloves off the ball and it went to Kohli at slips. Mishra wrapped up the Zimbabwean innings by scalping two more wickets in his next two overs. Mishra again proved his worth by taking a five wicket haul. Another poor performance with the bat by the Zimbabwean team.

BV Vitori c Kohli b Mishra 4 (9m 8b)
N Mushangwe b Mishra 16 (12m 14b)
SC Williams c Kohli b Mishra 51 (104m 65b)

Over 33 || Score 122/5
100 runs for Zimbabwe in the 31st over. A terrific boundary by Williams off Shami's delivery in the 32nd over. Williams strides forward to a length ball outside off and guides the ball through point. Third man Mishra stood no chance to stop it.
Suresh Raina into the bowling attack in the 33rd over. Williams get his half-century. The over also brings up the 50-run partnership between Chigumbura and Williams. Time for drinks break!


Over 30 || Score 109/5
Jadeja gives 5 runs off the 26th over. Mishra into attack in the 27th over. In the 28th over, off the Jadeja delivery, Chigumbura lofts through the line, driving the ball on the up back over the bowler's head. That goes for a boundary. Williams plays the reverse sweep placing the ball to the third man boundary. Yet another boundary in the 29th over. Shami back in the attack in the 30th over. Showing the full face of the bat, Chigumbura plays a delightful straight drive. Four runs.


Over 25 || Score 85/5
In the 21st over, Shami has been reintroduced into the attack, this time round the wicket. But Williams hammered the short delivery towards the midwicket region for a four. Five runs came off it. Jadeja gave just four runs in the next. Finally Mishra has been introduced by the skipper in the 23 over. And Mishra was lucky to get his first wicket off the first ball of the match.


Over 20 || Score 63/4

In the first ball off the 16th over Jadeja gave India another breakthrough. Masakadza went to cut the arm ball of Jadeja which landed in middle and off line and got the bottom edge off the bat and hit the stumps. In the next two overs came four and three runs respectively. In the 19th over Suresh Raina was introduced by the Kohli. Which means spin from both ends. On the fifth ball of the over Williams tried a slog sweep which gave him a boundary on the deep square leg area. In the 20th over bowled by Jadeja conceded just three runs.

H Masakadza b Jadeja 32 (46b)


Over 15 || Score 45/3

In the 10th over Masakadza hammered Shami’s short ball towards the mid-wicket boundary for a four. In the following came just four runs. In the next over Zimbabwe lost their third wicket. This time the batsman got unlucky. Shami’s second ball kissed the thighs off Maruma and went straight to the wicketkeeper. But the field umpire raised his figure after a confident appeal by the fielders. Williams joined Masakadza in the middle after the fall of third wicket. In the 14th over Kohli handed over the ball to Ravindra Jadeja. First ball by Jadeja went for the boundary when Masakadza cut the slightly short of length delivery. Shami conceded just three runs in the next over.

T Maruma c †Karthik b Mohammed Shami 4 (12b)


Over 10 || Score 24/2

After managing just a single in sixth and seventh, in the following a massive appeal of caught behind was dismissed by the umpire. Indian players looked disgruntled over it. Out. The Zimbabwean skipper disappointed once again with the bat. Trying to hit the good length ball hard towards the off side, he only managed to get an outside edge which flew towards the second slip and went inside the save hands of Suresh Raina. Skipper gone for a duck. Maruma replaced Taylor. In the tenth over a single from the bat of Masakadza.

BRM Taylor c Raina b Sharma 0 (11b)

Over 5 || Score 19/1

J Unadkat is sharing the new ball with Sharma. Sibanda sent the first ball to the cover boundary. In the third over Masakadza scored two boundaries -- first on the cover region and then on mid off by opening the full face of the bat. Confident shots by Masakadza. Out. In the following over Unadkat sent Sibanda back to the pavilion. A bit of extra bounce for Unadkant and Sibanda who went to cut the ball only managed an outside edge and gave a simple catch to the wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. Sibanda is replaced by the skipper Taylor. And fifth over went for six runs.

V Sibanda c †Karthik b Unadkat 5 (14b)


Over 1 || Score 1/0
Mohit Sharma has the new ball in hand. Hamilton Masakadza and Vusi Sibanda are at the crease to open the batting for Zimbabwe. Mohit Sharma is right on the money from the first ball. Sibanda took a single off the second ball and opened the account for Zimbabwe. That was the only run scored in the over.


Toss: India have won the toss and elected to field first

Bulawayo: Four back-to-back victories achieved with consummate ease, India might continue to experiment with their team composition as they aim to complete a clean sweep against Zimbabwe in the fifth and final cricket one-dayer here on Saturday.

Led well by an in-form Virat Kohli, India have outclassed the hapless Zimbabweans in every department of the game and it would take a momentous effort from the hosts to get at least one win.

At the start of the series, Zimbabwe`s coach, Andy Waller, had hoped of surprising India at least once in the series but that moment is unlikely to come even on Saturday given the way the visitors have dominated so far.

"Definitely (that`s the aim). We want to end on a high and go home with smile on face. We want to finish the series properly and if we execute things, proper results will follow," Kohli had said when asked if he has a 5-0 result in mind. In fact, the Indians have felt more at home with the conditions than the home team, which has failed to fire even once as a unit.