2nd T20I: India vs Zimbabwe - As it happened...

Team India's all-round performance helped them beat Zimbabwe. 

2nd T20I: India vs Zimbabwe - As it happened...

After Barinder Sran and Jasprit Bumrah created havoc in the Zimbabwe batting line up to bundle them out for mere 99, Indian openers -- Rahul and Mandeep -- KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh put on a century stand to complete a comfortable victory. In the post-match presentation Indian skipper MS Dhoni said: It is a big victory and the bowlers started it all.

India Innings

Over 13.1 || Score 103/0 (Mandeep 52, Rahul 47)

Madziva to bowl the over. Mandeep hit a boundary off the first ball to complete his fifty and finish the game. India won the 2nd T20I by ten wickets to level the series 1-1.  

Over 13 || Score 99/0 (Mandeep 48, Rahul 47)

Tiripano with his 3rd over. Mandeep cut the 4th ball towards point region for a boundary. India need just one run to seal the match as the scores are leveled. 

Over 12 || Score 93/0 (Mandeep 43, Rahul 46)

Sikandar Raza into the attack for the first time. But he proved costly as he went for nine runs.

Over 11 || Score 84/0 (Mandeep 35, Rahul 45)

Cremer with his 3rd over. 2nd ball, Rahul came down the track to smack the bowler out of the park. Massive HIT! Ten from the over. India need 16 runs from 54 balls to win the game and level the series. 

Over 10 || Score 74/0 (Mandeep 33, Rahul 37)

Now the both the openers are looking in a hurry to finish off the game. Off the 4th ball, Rahul launched Chibhabha for a six over sweeper cover. 13 runs from the over. 

Over 9 || Score 61/0 (Mandeep 30, Rahul 28)

Cremer to continue. Decent over by the bowler, as he gave six runs. India need 39 more runs from 66 balls to win the game. 

Over 8 || Score 55/0 (Mandeep 29, Rahul 25)

Chibhabha with his first over. Sloppy fielding by Zimbabwe as Mandeep Singh was dropped at deep square leg. India crossed the 50-run mark as well in the over. Ten runs came from the over.      

Over 7 || Score 45/0 (Mandeep 21, Rahul 23)

Skipper Cremer came into the attack for the first time. And Mandeep welcomed him by hitting a boundary off his 2nd ball. The bowled proves a bit expensive in his opening over as he leaked eight runs in it. 

Over 6 || Score 37/0 (Mandeep 15, Rahul 21)

Muzarabani with his 2nd over. Rahul slapped the 2nd ball towards mid-off to collect a boundary. Now both the batsmen are finding the gaps easily and taking singles and doubles with an ease.

Over 5 || Score 28/0 (Mandeep 13, Rahul 14)

Mandeep Singh finally broke the shackles by hitting Madziva for two back to back boundaries. Another good over for India as ten runs came of it.  

Over 4 || Score 18/0 (Mandeep 4, Rahul 13)

Rahul smashed the first boundary of the innings in the 2nd ball off Muzarabani. The bowler conceded eight runs in it. 

Over 3 || Score 7/0 (Mandeep 4, Rahul 5)

Masziva and Tiripano have bowled at a tight line thus far. They haven't offered any room to the batsmen to free their arms. From the 3rd over bowled by Tiripano came three runs.      

Over 2 || Score 7/0 (Mandeep 2, Rahul 5)

Indian openers - Mandeep and Rahul - have started the innings on a cautious note. They looked more interested in taking singles and doubles, rather than playing flashy shots.   

Zimbabwe Innings

Over 20 || Score 99/9 (Tiripano 11, Muzarabani 0)

Kulkarni to bowl the last over. Single from the first ball. Cremer OUT off the 2nd ball. The seamer bowled a wide. 3rd ball, Tiripano hit the bowler for a maximum. Single off the 4th ball. No run came off the last two balls. Zimbabwe put up a small total of 99 on board.      

AG Cremer c Rayudu b Kulkarni 4 (6b)

Over 19 || Score 90/8 (Tiripano 3, Cremer 4)

Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Two runs came from the first five balls. Last ball, double came from it.  

Over 18 || Score 84/8 (Tiripano 2, Cremer 1)

Sran back into attack to bowl his last over. Excellent over by the pacer as he gave mere two runs in it.  

Over 17 || Score 84/8 (Tiripano 1, Cremer 1)

After Sran, Bumrah has started asking difficult questions from Zimbabwean batsmen. The pacer picked two wickets in this over as he got the better of Chigumbura and Madziva. 

E Chigumbura b Bumrah 8 (19b) 

Over 15 || Score 76/6 (Cremer 0, Chigumbura 3)

Moor Out! Bumrah picked up his first wicket as well set batsman Moor was caught by Axar at point. Skipper Cremer has come to the middle. 

PJ Moor c Patel b Bumrah 31 (32b)

Over 13 || Score 68/5 (Moor 28, Chigumbura 0)

Moor has broken the shackles as he hit Patel for a six and a boundary to collect 11 runs from the over.   

Over 12 || Score 57/5 (Moor 17, Chigumbura 0)

Another wicket! Chahal picked up his first wicket of the match in the form of Waller. It's a wicket maiden by the leggie.    

MN Waller c Patel b Chahal 14 (20b)

Over 11 || Score 57/4 (Moor 17, Waller 14)

Patel to continue. Again five runs from the over. Zimbabwe need a big partnership from these two. 

Over 10 || Score 52/4 (Moor 14, Waller 12)

Chahal with his 2nd ball. Both the batsmen are dealing in singles and doubles at the moment. Five runs from it.    

Over 9 || Score 47/4 (Moor 11, Waller 10)

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl his first over of the match. Tight first over by the pacer as he gave mere a single in it. 

Over 8 || Score 46/4 (Moor 11, Waller 9)

Axar Patel and Yuzvendra Chahal have replaced the strike bowlers. It means spin from both ends. 11 runs came from the last two overs.   

Over 6 || Score 35/4 (Moor 9, Waller 0)

Kulkarni with his 3rd over. New batsman Waller was dropped by Manish Pandey at point off the fifth ball. Seven came from the over. 

Over 5 || Score 28/4 (Moor 2)

Sran to continue. Masakadza Out! And irresponsible shot by the batsman as hosts lost yet another wicket. In trying to hit the bowler out of the park, the opener went for a flashy shot but missed the line completely and got clean bowled. Two more wickets! Raza and Mutombodzi trudged back towards the pavilion in the last two balls of the over. Sran on Song. 

CT Mutombodzi lbw b Sran 0 (1b)

Sikandar Raza c Rahul b Sran 1 (2b)

H Masakadza b Sran 10 (12b)

Over 4 || Score 25/1 (Masakadza 10; Moor 1)

Kulkarni with his 2nd over. Masakadza played a superb drive towards cover region to get his first boundary. Off the last ball too, he collected a four as the bowler leaked ten runs from the over. 

Over 3 || Score 15/1 (Masakadza 1; Moor 0)

Sran to continue. Chibhabha Out! Slower one did the trick for the bowler as the batsman as Rayudu took a well judged catch at mid-on. Peter Moor has come to the middle after the fall of Zimbabwe's first wicket.   

CJ Chibhabha c Rayudu b Sran 10 (11b) 

Over 2 || Score 11/0 (Masakadza 0; Chibhabha 10)

Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl the over. First ball was short and wide, and Chibhabha smashed it towards point to collect his 2nd boundary. Like a wise batsman, Chibhabha took a single off the next ball. Masakadza on the other hand has looked a bit rusty thus far.    

Over 1 || Score 5/0 (Masakadza 0; Chibhabha 5)

Sran's first ball was right on the money. Third ball was a bit short and Chibhabha cut it towards point region for a boundary. Single came from the next ball. No run came from the next two balls.    

Zimbabwe openers -- Hamilton Masakadza and Chamu Chibhabha -- have come to the middle as Barinder Sran has a new ball in hand. 

It is expected to be a cracker of a match. Visitors will look to level the series, while, hosts will aim to seal the series.  

Playing XI:

INDIA: KL Rahul, M Singh, A Rayudu, M Pandey, K Jadhav, MS Dhoni, A Patel, D Kulkarni, J Bumrah, B Sran, Y Chahal.

ZIMBABWE XI: C Chibhabha, H Masakadza, S Raza, M Waller, E Chigumbura, P Moor, T Mutombodzi, G Cremer, N Madziva, T Muzarabani, D Tiripano.

Toss: Zimbabwe have won the toss and elected to bat first. 

New Delhi: The Indian youngsters will be looking to shake off the disappointment of the last match against hosts Zimbabwe.

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