Zonal power remains with a rider for BCCI president election

New Delhi: The BCCI Working Committee on Wednesday decided that the domination of the zones in the president`s election will remain although with a rider.

It has been learnt that East Zone, who are supposed to float the name of their presidential candidate in 2014 when current boss N Srinivasan`s term ends, can propose the name of a candidate from any other zone provided two of its affiliated units agree.

A senior BCCI office bearer who is also a member of the working committee explained the concept.

"The 2014 candidate is supposed to come from East Zone. Now if two states from East --- for eg. Tripura and Assam can decide and propose North Zone`s Arun Jaitley`s for the board president`s post. But it will certainly remain a zonal prerogative. If the Eastern states don`t want a person from other zone, then it won`t happen," the official told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

There were earlier talks about a move to abolish the zonal system but as of now nothing of that sort is happening.

However this move to allow zones to nominate a person from other zone has been done to "legalise" the movement of administrators from one zone to represent a state from other zone in order to be eligible for presidential nomination.

"In the early 90`s Madhavrao Scindia, who was originally from Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) was inducted into Haryana Cricket Association so that he could become president from North Zone.

"Ditto for I S Bindra of PCA who was given a post in Baroda Cricket Association and he became president from the West Zone. This move will allow zones to think differently as well as stop people from appearing from other states," the official concluded.