English summer to witness Modi-Giles face-off

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2011, 20:28 PM IST

London: The chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board, Giles Clarke would face four weeks in the High Court after trial dates were announced for the libel writs brought against him by suspended IPL commissioner Lalit Modi and IMG Worldwide Inc.

According to newspaper reports, Modi and IMG would supposedly combine their actions against Clarke set to be heard on July 4, with twice the usual length set aside to go through the intricacies of the case.

Former Indian Premier League chief had served a defamation notice on Clarke during May last year for accusing him of hatching a plan to destroy the structure of world and English cricket.

Clarke in an email had alleged that Modi`s actions were "detrimental to Indian cricket, English cricket and world cricket at large."

IMG, on the other hand, decided to sue the chairman following his remarks that the firm was part of Modi`s alleged plans to start a rebel Twenty20 league in England.

If the sides don`t reach on an agreement out-of-court, the actions would unveil the circumstances behind a messy period for English and Indian cricket.

The legal costs are believed to have swelled to more than USD 16,22,216 with Modi and IMG also seeking the damages.