FIFA World Cup 2018: Mexican weathergirl kicked in the butt to bring team good luck

Two male co-presenters gently touched their feet on her butt in a light-hearted on-air act which has attracted outrage to some degree.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Mexican weathergirl kicked in the butt to bring team good luck
This photo was posted on Instagram by iamyanetgarcia.

There is no end to what supporters would do to cheer for and bring luck to their favourite football team. FIFA World Cup 2018 has been no different with supporters of every participating team showcasing extreme emotions to back their respective heroes.

The Mexicans, though, may have outdone everyone else.

A weathergirl for a news channel in Mexico was gently kicked in her butt by two of her male fellow co-presenters on air to 'bring good luck to the Mexican team in Russia.' 27-year-old Yanet Garcia, who is quite the sensation in her country and elsewhere, smilingly obliged as she got the foot tap on her rear. In a video that has since gone viral, the two men are heard saying '...with due respect', before going forward with the kick - as Garcia maintains a wide smile.

While it appears as if Garcia consented to receiving the kick, that one of the co-presented even planted a similar kick on his male colleague and that it was largely done in good humour, many on social media have commented that it sends out a wrong message to the world. "Just because she obliged does not mean this is acceptable. There is a limit to superstitions and eyeball hunting," wrote a Twitter user. "A harder kick for the TV producer who let this go on air. This just shows why women need to say no rather than say yes," wrote another.

For someone who has been dubbed online as the 'sexiest weathergirl on the planet', the sharp reaction is nothing new. Garcia has previously been accused of being 'overly alluring' for the job she has. She herself maintains that she enjoys her work and does not care for being judged - one way or the other. And with Mexico now in the knockout round of the World Cup, fans are not complaining.