7407 Man U fans part with their cash to pay Rooney`s weekly pay

London: At least 7,407 Manchester United fans is the number required through the turnstiles to pay just a week of striker Wayne Rooney`s new 10 million pound annual wage, according to a tabloid.

The number is a staggering 10 per cent of the club`s average home gate.

The surprising figure has shocked Mike Turton, a founder member of FC United, who claims that the Premier League is now all about money.

"Looking at the Rooney saga, I`m glad I`m out of it, not paying these millionaires and not paying Glazer`s interest. I followed United for 30 years and I was a season-ticket holder, but the Premier League is less interesting for me now," "There is a lack of soul and quite a few mercenaries just passing through. Some Premier League club supporters want to be winning things at all costs and they don`t see the bigger picture," he added.

Gordon Taylor, Professional Footballers` Association Chief Executive, also supported Turton`s claims and urged his members and the game to show a social responsibility.

"Rather than just pay fortunes, with the balance of payments going abroad, the game has a duty to give the next generation a chance and I`d like to see managers given more time to bring young players through," Taylor said.