Abbiati hopes Milan will turn it around

Milan: AC Milan veteran goalkeeper Christian Abbiati believed that his side could make a miracle to finish, among top three in the Serie A this season.

The Milan side are now ranked tenth in the league standings, 15 points adrift of the third-placed Napoli, a gap that Abbiati was convinced AC Milan could overcome, reports Xinhua.

"The gap in points is big, but we know that we can reach third," he said.

"We can come back like what we did last season, we have what it takes to do that. It's just a shame that we have started poorly," he said.

His teammate Cristian Zaccardo admitted that Milan need to make a miracle if they want to finish in the top three.

The results haven`t been good, but we have to remain optimistic," Zaccardo said.

"We started last season poorly as well, but we`re hoping the game against Genoa will be the start of our comeback," he said.

"Roma, Juventus and Napoli are travelling at a very strong pace and it will need a miracle for us to finish in the first three spots," he added.

AC Milan will on Saturday host Genoa in a game which, according to their head coach Massimiliano Allegri, they are obliged to win.

"This is an important month for our season - both in terms of Serie A and the Champions League. The most decisive game is tomorrow's," he said.

"It's a fundamental game against Genoa. We are obliged to win and we can not afford to make any mistakes," he said.