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AC Milan were unlucky, says Allegri

Updated: Sep 23, 2013, 19:58 PM IST

Milan: AC Milan head coach Massimiliano Allegri bemoaned his side`s back luck following their 1-2 loss to Napoli at home.

Allegri insisted that his side put on a decent display but lost Sunday due to bad luck, reports Xinhua.

"It was in a way our best performance of the Serie A season so far. We were lucky to get back the 2-2 draw at Torino, so we paid for that good fortune this time around," he said.

"People said Milan were lucky at Torino, so here we were unlucky, as Mario Balotelli didn`t convert a penalty and we hit the bar too. If we had converted that penalty, then perhaps we had time to get the match back on level terms. We have to improve at the back, as we can`t think of winning games when we concede an average of two goals per match," he said.

"If we were going to play badly and earn a result, I preferred to play well and lose, even if this was a head-to-head. We could`ve done better in the box, but apart from the opening 10 minutes it was our best performance of the season," he said.

Allegri conceded that the Milan outfit need to improve their defending.

"We defended badly and in the wrong way, as we should`ve realised straight away they were going to do that. We need to improve our defending in the box, but that doesn`t take away from the fact I think the team played well," he said.