AIFF delays December salary of its employees

Updated: Jan 01, 2013, 23:07 PM IST

New Delhi: It wasn`t exactly a `Happy New Year` for the employees of the All India Football Federation as the parent body failed to pay their respective salaries on December 31, which is the scheduled date.

While some of the senior officials admitted that there has been a delay but they wanted to play down the incident by stating that the matter will be resolved in a few days time.

"I don`t know why there is a hue and cry about the non-payment of salaries of the employees. Yes, they were supposed to be paid on 31st but due to a technical problem, it has been delayed by a few days. We are expecting that they would get their remuneration in another couple of days," a senior office-bearer preferring anonymity told PTI today.

The senior official added, "Delay of salaries is nothing new in AIFF. Even earlier, the employees have been paid their salaries on 9th or 10th of the month.

"AIFF has a turnover of Rs 55 crore and the total amount which is allotted for salaries is only Rs 3 crore. The stories floated by some people about AIFF going through a financial crunch is rubbish."

However, another official, who is not very close to the ruling faction, said, "This is a case of sheer mismanagement on the part of the AIFF officials. They quickly need to get their house in order."

Top officials like AIFF general secretary Kushal Das and I-League CEO Sunando Dhar couldn`t be reached despite repeated calls.

Treasurer Hardev Jadeja said he has no idea about the matter.