Argentine footballer attacked by fans for demanding salary

Argentino de Merlo is currently in the 11th position, far away from the promotion spot.

Argentine footballer attacked by fans for demanding salary

Buenos Aires: Violent fans of Argentine fourth division football club Argentino de Merlo attacked a player of their own team, Maximiliano Maciel.

The forward gave the news via his Facebook account on Monday that the situation was triggered after an argument between him and one of the club's directors over the delayed payments for players, reports Xinhua.

"We turned up for training and afterwards we were going to receive our outstanding salaries that have been owed to us since September. I was told that I wasn't going to get paid," wrote the 20-year-old.

"One of the club's directors physically assaulted me. He made a phone call and within minutes they (the violent fans) arrived in three cars. I was severely beaten with sticks."

Maciel added the fans also "stole everything in sight" and also beat up some of his teammates who tried to help him.

"I have already reported the incident to the police. I thought they (the fans) were going to kill me," the player said.

After the incident, looking to his future in the sport, Maciel said that he no longer "desired to play football".

With only one match left in the league, Argentino de Merlo is currently in the 11th position, far away from the promotion spot.

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