Arshavin may quit game after contract expires at Arsenal

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2013, 16:00 PM IST

London: Russian footballer Andrey Arshavin is reportedly set to quit football when his contract at Arsenal comes to an end this summer following his increasing disillusionment during his final season at the club.

Arshavin, who has two months left on his current deal which he signed after joining the Gunners for a record 15 million pounds in February 2009, will not be offered a new deal despite his initial popularity among fans, the Independent reports.

According to the report, Arshavin has grown so disillusioned with both the absence of viable alternatives and the game itself that he is contemplating walking away altogether from the game, adding that personal reasons such as a split from his wife may have contributed to his decision.

The report also said that Arshavin faces an uncertain future as no clubs have shown an interest in him, adding that although Arsenal have widely circulated is availability, the clubs` lack of interest may be centred partly on the footballer`s high wages, which is approximately 95,000 pounds a week.

According to sources, Arshavin`s fall from grace may have arisen from the club`s boss Arsene Wenger habit of frequently playing the footballer out of his normal position.

Arshavin`s most memorable contribution came against Liverpool in April 2009 when he scored all four goals in a dramatic 4-4 draw at Anfield.

Building on an impressive series of performances at Euro 2008, Arshavin appeared ready to take the Premier League by storm but his effectiveness gradually eroded, the report added.