Beckham facing adjustment issues post-retirement

London: Football ace David Beckham is facing difficulties coming to terms with his retirement from the sport.

The former England captain who played his last game in Paris Saint-Germain`s 3-1 win over Brest, will now take up other projects which might possibly include purchasing a U.S. Major League Soccer franchise.

Beckham said he will find it difficult after two months of rest to spend his time, although the footballer believes he will have enough projects to keep himself busy and that this is the right time to retire.

Beckham also said that he has left the team as a champion and has achieved everything he wanted to, adding that he was treated specially by his fans who gave him a standing ovation at Parc des Princes and celebrated his career with him.

PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti said that the club respects David`s decision, but he will still have possibilities to continue in football as he has the experience.