Beckhams not involved in tax avoidance scheme: Representative

Los Angeles: Victoria and David Beckham have been linked to an alleged tax avoidance scheme, but their representative has denied the allegation insisting they have always paid their dues "in full".

"The Beckhams have always paid their taxes in full and have never been involved in aggressive tax avoidance schemes. They have also been long-time supporters of the creative industries," said the representative in a statement. 

The couple has become the latest big names to be linked to a movie-funding company, which is among a number of schemes facing a government probe over claims they exploited loopholes in the system to help investors claim tax relief.

Reports suggest many investors could face hefty bills in the coming months as officials look into whether such schemes are legitimate, reports

Theatre mogul Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has also been linked to the Ingenious Media movie company, which has helped fund films such as "Avatar" and "Life of Pi", added: "(I was) investing in the British film industry... At no time did I consider it solely a tax scheme."

The news comes after a number of other British stars were linked to alleged tax avoidance schemes, including pop star George Michael, members of rock group Arctic Monkeys and actor Sir Michael Caine, in a list obtained by Britian`s The Times newspaper.

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