Becks causes stampede in Chinese stadium, leaving 7 injured

Updated: Jun 21, 2013, 10:25 AM IST

London: Football icon David Beckham has reportedly caused chaos in China when fans stormed a stadium to get a glimpse of the star, leaving at least seven persons injured in the stampede.

According to police sources, three police officers, two university security guards and two students were left with severe cuts and bruises after being trampled by hundreds of excitable onlookers desperate to get close to the former England star.

Nearly 1,000 fans had gathered in the Tongji University stadium in Shanghai on Thursday, where the retired footballer was scheduled to meet the university`s team as part of his ambassador role with the country`s football association.

However, the organizers were forced to cancel the event as the crowd got out of hand on the 38-year-old footballer`s arrival, flattening a protective wall of security guards and police officers and storming a gate as Beckham-mania gripped the crowd of students and youngsters.

Photos and video footage has shown people forced to the ground, clothing scattered and a uniformed woman being carried away with her face covered in blood.

Wishing the fans a speedy recovery, Beckham had posted a message of support on the Chinese language social network Sina Wibo, and has apologised to his fans for the cancellation of the event, saying that it was impossible to get through the massive crowds.

Beckham, who is in China on a seven-day promotional tour for the Chinese Super League , has been hired as an image ambassador to promote the sport in the country, which has been tainted with corruption and foul play.

The former footballer, who recently retired from the game at the end of his final season with Paris Saint-Germain, is reportedly being paid a huge fee for his role with some commentators hinting at sums in excess of ten million pounds.