Becks was offered kicker trial by NFL scout while at LA Galaxy

Updated: Jun 18, 2013, 11:13 AM IST

London: Football legend David Beckham had reportedly been offered a trial as a kicker for an American football side.

The offer came in as Beckham contemplated his future at the Los Angeles Galaxy and before he enjoyed his swansong with Paris Saint Germain.

A source in Hollywood said that a National Football League (NFL) franchise scout contacted the retired footballer to see if he would be interested in trying out as a star kicker, adding that Beckham`s skill at bending in long range free kicks can be perfectly adapted to scoring field goals in the NFL.

It was obvious that if the former England skipper took up the offer then any NFL franchise would be interested as his international appeal would generate billions in PR and commercial opportunities.

However, Beckham had politely refused the offer as he felt that it was not right for him.

The former Manchester United midfielder had made it clear he hoped to return to the US to help the Major League Soccer growth, but the NFL coach felt he could be an asset to a team too, adding that the offer was beneficial for marketing reasons, as the Beckham has large commercial prowess worldwide.

Beckham, who had showed off his conversion skills with a rugby ball during another sports firm commercial with Johnny Wilkinson, had walked away from his illustrious soccer career after winning championships in four different countries.