Brazil to issue 2014 World Cup commemorative coins

IANS| Updated: Dec 14, 2013, 16:17 PM IST

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil`s Central Bank (CB) announced that beginning from Jan 24 next year, it will issue a limited edition of gold, silver and cupro-nickel commemorative coins for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The CB said in a statement Friday that nine different coins will be issued, including one gold, two silver and six cupro-nickel, reports Xinhua.

One side of the gold coin will bear the image of the World Cup and the other side will bear an image of a goal. The cost will be of 1,180 Brazilian reais ($515).

The silver coins will cost 190 reais ($82). One will bear the image of Fuleco armadillo, the World Cup`s mascot, and the other one will bear images of the 12 Brazilian cities to host the tournament.

The cupro-nickel coins will be part of a series called "Football Moves" and will bear different moments of a football match. They will cost 30 reais ($13). These coins will include a goalkeeper stopping a ball, a header, a pass, a spot kicking and a goal.

The statement said the CB plans to issue 2,720 gold coins, 12,000 silver and 7,400 cupro-nickel though the amount can be increased according to the demand.