Brazilian recipe for football success-sex & booze!

London: Football legend and a member of the victorious Brazilian team in 1994, Branco, said that sex and booze is the
recipe for a successful World Cup.

The fullback said that sex does you good during the finals, as long as it is not with a teammate’s missus!

“What harm is there in it? My son Stefano was conceived during the 1994 World Cup when I spent a day off in San Francisco with my wife,” Branco, 46, said.

“Sex is good for you. It relieves tension. We hadn’t won the World Cup for 24 years, so it didn’t do us any harm. Sex at the camp should only be ruled out with a teammate’s wife. What you can’t do is stuff your face until four in the morning or stay in a brothel.

“We were very professional when we won the World Cup in 1994. We went there to win it. Drinking was allowed and we’d have three or four drinks to relax. What’s wrong with that? a newspaper quoted Branco, as saying.

“If it were a problem, then there wouldn’t be any football in England or Germany, where they drink beer, or in Italy, France and Argentina, where they drink wine. It’s part of the culture."

“There was drink in 1994, I conceived my son and everyone said we were perfect physically and tactically. What’s the problem? He added.



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