Cabanas has bullet in his head but World Cup on his mind

Updated: Feb 03, 2010, 14:59 PM IST

Asuncion: All Paraguay forward Salvador Cabanas can think of nine days after being shot in the head is returning to training and getting to the World Cup, the president of his Mexican club America said on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old Cabanas was shot in a bar in Mexico city in the early hours of Jan. 25 after an argument with another man, according to police, who are still looking for a suspect.

"It`s what he`s thinking about, he`s spoken to the doctor about it and that`s very good because it motivates him," America president Michel Bauer told Televisa.

"He already wants to be training, as well as mentioning the subject of the World Cup," he added of the burly forward who played a major role in Paraguay`s qualification for their fourth successive finals in South Africa. There are 128 days to the tournament`s June 11 kickoff.

Cabanas had a long operation after the incident but surgeons were unable to remove the bullet, which remains lodged in his brain.

On Monday, he moved his limbs, ate and talked to relatives -- but he remains in critical condition.

"Salvador is okay, I know everyone wants to know if he`ll play in the World Cup but it`s impossible to give a forecast on his footballing life. Scientifically, we can`t say," said Aldo Martinez, the Paraguayan national team`s chief doctor.”

There have been massive shows of support for Cabanas in Mexico and his home country.

Astonishingly, a week after the incident, Cabanas`s America team mate Juan Carlos Silva was shot in the buttocks in an attempted robbery.

However, the club`s sporting director Jaime Ordiales said the bullet appeared to have gone right through him and he was in no danger.

"(Someone) tried to hold him up on Monday and he`s perfectly fine. A doctor saw him and it`s no big deal," Ordiales said.

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