Capello clueless over making fatigued England players fit

England boss Fabio Capello has no clue how to make his players fit, which he claims crippled his side in 2-2 Euro 2012 qualifying draw with Switzerland.

Capello used the same excuse for last year’s World Cup failure.

Asked how England would cope if they qualified for next summer`s finals, he said: “I don’t know.”

“We will try to find a solution. I hope so. Do you know the medicine? It is not the quality because we have got quality. The problem is the energy. When you are not fresh, it is difficult.

“But when you are fresh the ball moves quickly without problem. If you win back the ball, you need to move and pass. When you lose the ball, you need to win it back,” a newspaper quoted Capello, as saying.

“We spend a lot of time trying to win back the ball. We are not so fresh. The game we won in Switzerland, the game we won in Wales, we pressed, we won back the ball quickly. This time, this game, it was difficult,” he said.

“In training we trained for one hour really well - but the game is one hour and a half. It is not my idea they are really tired - you can see it on the pitch. Wilshere finished the last 10 minutes really tired,” Capello added.

Yet he contradicted himself by saying that England improved a lot after the break.


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