Champions League final: Bayern Munich vs Chelsea – As it happened…

Vineet Ramakrishnan

Munich: It is Penalties and the greatest escape for Chelsea, Drogba takes the spot kick and they are the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS

Schweinsteiger hits the post, misses. Drogba to take the final spot kick now and scores, Neuer goes the wrong way.

Olic takes the 4th, saved by Cech. Ashley Cole walks to take the spot kick, and scores.

Bayern Munich: 0 0 0 X X

Chelsea: X 0 0 0 0

Neuer scores by just. Lampard for Chelsea, and scores.

Mario Gomez scores. David Luiz scores. Chelsea still in it.

Bayern Skipper Philip Lahm scores. Mata misses as Neuer guesses right.

2: 46 pm ET: 30 min IST: Shoot out it is to decide the European champions at Munich.

Bayern Munich 1 : 1 Chelsea

2: 44 pm ET: 28 min IST: It is heading towards a penalty shootout for sure. YELLOW for Torres meanwhile.

2: 38 pm ET: 22 min IST: Chance again for Gomez, as Cahill flings himself into Gomez and stops Gomez’s effort. Corner for Robben, too wide .

2: 34 pm ET: 18 min IST: Van Buyten misses a golden chance, Olic squares it off for Buyten but he misses.

2: 28 pm ET: 15 min HALF TIME OF EXTRA TIME, IT’S 1-1.

2: 27 pm ET: 14 min 1 minute added into the first half of extra time.

2: 23 pm ET: 11 min IST: 100 minutes of game played out.

2: 19 pm ET: 7 min IST: Ribery limps out of the game, Olic comes in place of him.

2: 15 pm ET: 3 min IST: Reckless challenge by Drogba inside the penalty area, YELLOW CARD and more importantly PENALTY for Bayern, Robben to take it and ........ SAVED !!! by Cech. Robben shoots it low to Cech`s left and the keeper guesses right.

2: 14 pm ET: 3 min IST: Torres on the attack for Chelsea, they look like scoring.

2: 11 pm ET: 1 min IST: 30 minutes of play now.

2: 06 pm 93 min IST: Free kick for Chelsea, Drogba gets it wrong. End of Regulation time . extra time beckons.

2: 03 pm 90 min IST: 3 minutes of injury time.

2: 01 pm 88 min IST: GOAL GOAL GOAL for Didier Drogba, corner for Chelsea. Drogba charges in and whatay header, equalizer and its 1-1, the game going into extra time.

1: 57 pm 85 min IST: Luiz clatters into Robben, tackles him from behind, YELLOW for him and Ribery wants to have a word with him.


1: 55 pm 82nd min IST: FINALLY !!! GOAL Thomas Muller the goal scorer for Bavarians. Kroos puts in deep, Muller comes from behind, around Cole, and heads it down and over Cech.

1: 54 pm 81th min IST: Card for Cole YELLOW. mistimed tackle on Thomas Muller.

1: 53 pm 80th min IST: 10 minutes to go.

1: 50 pm 77th min IST: Muller wide again, acres of space for the German international. Weak shot, he shots wide.


1: 42 pm IST: Bosingwa puts in a dangerous ball, Drogba goes for the header, Boateng does well.

1: 40 pm IST: Crisp tackle by Ashley Cole to deny Muller an entry inside the box. 2 corners resultant of that. But it is still 0-0.

1: 38 pm IST: Handball appeal again Cole, not given, 12th corner for Munich. Ruckus in the middle as Luiz clears it but Kalou gives it away, Lahm falls inside the box, ref says play on.

1: 35 pm IST: Ribery runs into the box and tries a pass to Muller, interception by Cole though. The French international should have tried for the goal himself.

1: 33 pm IST: Corner number 11 for Bayern and no goal yet.

1: 31 pm IST: Good interception by Cole as he covers a drive from Robben.

1: 29 pm IST: Kroos with the foul on Mata, free kick to Chelsea.

1: 25 pm IST: German joy cut short, OFF-SIDE as ref rules out Ribery’s strike off a ricochet.

1: 24 pm IST: Lahm takes the loose ball and skipper surges ahead, creates an opening but gets crowded by the Chelsea defence.

1: 21 pm IST: Shot out of nothing from Drogba from 30 yards as he turns and shoots, really a nothing shot.

1: 19 pm IST: Luiz again with the clearance, this time a head to Schweinsteiger’s shot.

1: 17 pm IST: Straight away Ribery breaks away, David Luiz with the clearance inside the box.

1: 16 pm IST: Second half under the Munich Arena.

Bayern definitely were the aggressor with 11 tries on goal, but 2 on target. Gomez shot wide, so did Muller and Ribery. Robben’s shot was blocked by Petr Cech and the post as Chelsea’s best try came in the form of Kalou making Neuer work for the first and the last time in the first half.

1: 01 pm IST: HALF TIME at the Munich arean with a 0-0 deadlock.

1: 00 pm IST: 1 minute of added time

1: 00 pm IST: Free kick against Bertrand as he pushes Lahm down the ground.

12: 58 pm IST: Gomez on the turn shoots it way over the bar after Robben puts the ball in.

12: 57 pm IST: 40 minute in, no goals yet.

12: 55 pm IST: Wide from Ribery again, rash shot as he tried the far post. 8th corner for Bayern but it’s too long for Schweinsteiger.

12: 52 pm IST: Chelsea’s first move, as Mata passes the ball out wide to Boateng, as the rookie puts long ball in, Drogba does a backheel. Mata passes it to wide right and Kalou unmarked tries the near post, Neuer covers it well.

12: 51 pm IST: Contento moving on the left flank rather well, Contento puts the ball in dangerously, Muller runs in drives it wide.

12: 49 pm IST: Set piece for Chelsea, Mata takes it, over the bar, no work for Neuer till now. Cahill had won the free kick right at the edge of the box when Boateng fouled him.

12: 48 pm IST: Bosingwa tackles Ribery from behind, Bayern man down with the French international off the pitch as Bayern takes the ball up front where Muller takes the ball inside the box to Gomez, Robben tries the shoot, weak one, Cech collects it comfortably.

12: 47 pm IST: Burst by Chelsea, but good tackle at the edge of the box by Lahm on Bertrand

12: 44 pm IST: FOUL by Luiz, right at the edge on Gomez, Robben’s left foot takes the free kick, Chelsea wall stands tall.

12: 42 pm IST: Collision in the middle as Boateng and Drogba try to win a high ball, free kick to Chelsea but they lose the ball cheaply again.

12: 40 pm IST: 7th corner for Bayern, but Cech claims it well.

12: 37 pm IST: Real chance for Robben , as the winger gets inside the D and shoots, Cech stops a low shot just by a whisker though. He slips, ball hits his boot and then the post. Closest Bayern have come as off yet.

12: 34 pm IST: Bosingwa sleeping as he fails to collect a back pass in front of his own goal, concedes a corner.

12: 31 pm IST: Good intercept by Schweinsteiger, Robben runs with the ball ,and passes it wide to Gomez, who tries to get inside the box, but not able to get through Bosingwa. Bayern putting the pressure on The Blues first up.

12: 29 pm IST: Dangerous ball in by Ribery, diagonally inside the D as Gomez gets ahead off Luiz, though heads it wide.

12: 25 pm IST: Weak pass from Mikel as Robben intercepts and threatens to run away with it, the youngster though gets the ball back.

12: 25 pm IST: Whistle goes, as Ribery goes hard on Drogba before the Ivorian could take an aim.

12: 23 pm IST: First real attack from Chelsea as Kalou runs deep into the German defence and pops the ball inside the ‘D’, Lahm rises to head it away.

12: 21 pm IST: Ribery cuts inside of Bosingwa and shoots, weak one clearance in the box by Chelsea defender.

12: 17 pm IST: Free kick for Chelsea first up and that is a YELLOW CARD Schweinsteiger. Deliberate handball by the German international.

12: 15 pm IST: We are underway with Chelsea kicking off the summit clash.

12: 10 pm IST: Opening ceremony at the Allianz Arena with the players lining up and shaking hands.

12: 05 pm IST: Flags of both sides coming out now, The ‘Reds’ and the ‘Blues’.

11: 15 pm IST: John Terry and Fabio Capello chating on the sidelines. Rumours are doing the rounds of Capello in the radar for a Chelsea job.

11: 10 pm IST: Bayern Munich line-up: Neuer, Boateng, Lahm, Contento, Ribery, Robben, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Tymoschchuk, Muller, Gomez.

Chelsea line-up: Cech, Cole, Bosingwa, Luiz, Cahill, Bertrand, Lampard, Mikel, Mata, Drogba, Kalou.

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10: 55 pm IST: Not far away now, Bayern Munich arriving at the Allianz Arena, their home turf.

10: 50 pm IST: Our comments sections flooding with support for both the ‘Bavarians’ and the ‘Blues’ Oliver Kahn (probably not the famous one) puts it down hard, “Bayern will win 3-1 or 3-2, don`t put your hopes up chelsea fans. Bayern players are ready!”

10: 50 pm IST: Oliver Kahn (probably not the famous one) puts it down hard, “Bayern will win 3-1 or 3-2, don`t put your hopes up chelsea fans. Bayern players are ready!”

10: 50 pm IST: HASSAN from Borno Nigeria has the prediction in, B.MUNICH WIL WIN ON PENALTY

10: 40 pm IST: Support pouring in for Chelsea on our comments section (roll down to view and comment) O Nnamdi says “Not withstanding, up blues for ever.

Ken ugochukwu feels Chelsea has struggled to get to this point, hence it is their day

10: 30 pm IST: So, pictures coming in off Chelsea arriving at the Allianz Arena. David Luiz means business as he walks in with a very determined look.

10: 15 pm IST: Munich have won all their home games in the Champions League this season, including a spectacular 2-1 win against big guns Real Madrid in the semis.

10: 05 pm IST: Ryan Bertrand might start for the big game, will he able to stop Arjen Robben or Mikel would be a good option to stop the winger? Ashley Cole wil lhave his hands full with the Dutch.

10: 00 pm IST: So, the telecast is underway for big the night.