CIC seeks funding pattern of All India Football Federation

New Delhi: The CIC has directed All India Football Federation to present its funding pattern for last three years to clarify on the money received from various governments, following which a decision would be taken if it came under the RTI Act.

The Federation, in a written submission before the Commission, had claimed it does not receive substantial funds from the government and hence it is not a public authority defined under the transparency law and not liable to answer RTI queries.

The case relates to a Delhi-based RTI applicant Anil Jain who sought details pertaining to the appointment of the General Secretary and the Chief Executive Officer of I-League of the Federation.

The Commission had directed the federation to provide the desired information to Jain December last year, but it was not provided.

When Jain filed a non-compliance case, Director (administration) of AIFF Lt Col (Retd) B M R Mehta submitted before the Commission that Central government funds constitute only 10 per cent of the funding.

"It is his plea that as AIFF is not substantially financed by the appropriate Government it is not a public authority. It is, however, to be noted that Jha (CPIO) had not taken the plea in the hearing held December 9. However, there is no estoppel on the change of plea by the AIFF," Information Commissioner M L Sharma said.

In legal parlance, estoppel is a bar preventing one from making an allegation or a denial that contradicts what one has previously stated as the truth.

He said, "All India Football Federation is hereby directed to file an affidavit through a senior office bearer before the Commission indicating the total funds generated by AIFF and the total funds contributed by the Central Government and State Governments in last three years that is 2007, 2008 & 2009."