Coaching is tough: Zidane

Paris: Zinedine Zidane has admitted his glorious playing career offers no guarantee that he will enjoy an equally successful life as a coach.

The 41-year-old won the World Cup, European Championship and Champions League as a player before retiring in 2006 with a reputation as one of the greatest players to have graced the game.

But after opting to take his coaching badges with a view to a career in the dug-out in the future, Real Madrid`s sporting director revealed to L`Equipe that he has had to begin his footballing education all over again.

"I am like everybody else. I like it like that, it`s the other guys that want me to be special. I do it like everybody else. I know that being a good player doesn`t make you a good coach. Even if it can help," he said.

"You have to accept that you don`t know much and to accept that if you give yourself the means, you can grow and learn even at my age. I have to be modest, I ignore so many things. I`m glad I did those courses. Sometimes I went to bed with a headache. Coaching is a real job, you have to learn it.

"Tomorrow people will say I`m a good coach if I win. Only if I win. It will take time. I cant be the coach I want to be just like that. Zidane or not Zidane, it will take time. You have to learn form other people, to pass diplomas. There is a process. And it suits me."

The former France international then gave his personal insight into what it takes to get the best out of individual players.

He added: "I learned not to look automatically for confidence. You will of course need confidence to build a staff but also competence.

"Players will listen to me if I give them something. If you want a player to give you his competence, you have to be demanding and even manipulate him a bit. You have to threaten him and also felicitate him. The carrot and the stick. It works in football and in life."