Conflict between player and manager can be ‘harsh’ at times: Rooney

London: Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has confessed that conflicts between a player and his manager are a common in the dressing room, and revealed that these can get ‘constant’ and ‘harsh’ at times.

“You can`t always agree. Football is made up of all kinds of conflict. In a dressing room, between players, between us and the manager, between us and loads of people who don`t seem to matter. It`s constant and harsh sometimes,” said Rooney.

He candidly told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that his game got affected due to a fine imposed on him by Sir Alex Ferguson following his night out on Boxing Day.

When asked whether he complained about the fine, he said, “Yes, but for reasons that I can`t say. I accepted it. But I was tense when I got back on the pitch and I think it showed”.

Rooney also termed Ferguson as ‘the greatest present life has given to him’, despite admitting that he had fallen out with Ferguson in the past. Responding to Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini’s claim that he (Rooney) got Vincent Kompany sent off during Sunday`s Manchester derby, The Independent quoted Rooney as saying; “He [Mancini] claimed that I encouraged the referee to send off Kompany with a gesture. If it were like that, every player who makes that gesture after suffering a foul would direct the game in place of the referee and obviously it can`t be like that. And the fact that it was a legitimate sending-off is confirmed by the four-match suspension and the rejection of the appeal".