Cristiano Ronaldo won’t join Manchester City until Ferguson retires

Updated: Sep 06, 2012, 14:39 PM IST

London: Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently claimed he was unhappy at Santiago Bernabeu, will never join his former club Manchester United’s fierce rivals Manchester City till Sir Alex Ferguson is the boss at Old Trafford.

According to sources close to Ronaldo, the Portuguese international shares a very close bond with Ferguson, whom he treats as a father figure, and he won’t risk hurting the Scott by joining wealthy City.

“Cristiano has always been close to Alex Ferguson, and even now, they still talk. Cristiano simply would not risk hurting him by joining Ferguson’s immediate rivals,”

Ronaldo recently spelt out just what Ferguson meant to him.

“When I arrived at United I was 18, and Sir Alex was like a father to me. He taught me many things. I worked with him for six years, and he is a great human, a great coach. Sir Alex and Jose Mourinho are the two best coaches in the world,” Ronaldo said.