David Moyes warns Arsenal of long road ahead in title race

Manchester: Manchester United manager David Moyes has warned Arsenal that there is a long way to go in the title race.

United face the Gunners on Sunday and if Arsene Wenger`s side come out on top at Old Trafford it would leave them a daunting 11 points clear of the Premier League champions.

But Moyes remains unperturbed by any worries that it could leave United too far behind.

"By the end of the season you play every team twice and that`s when things are decided and sorted out. That`s when we will find out who is the best team," Moyes said.

"Arsenal have the same chance as everyone else to win the Premier League. It is an open Premier League, they have made a great start but they only decide it at the end of the season.

"We will try to make sure that it is not the situation that we are 11 points behind. If it is then we will need to make it back but I think there is a lot of football to be played, it`s early in the season.

"They are coming to play the champions from last season. I think there form is very good and they will come in good spirit but we also have a good momentum and we hope to build on that."

Arsenal have surprised many with their early-season form as the arrival of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid seems to have given them an extra air of confidence, but Moyes believes the Gunners are benefitting from stability.

Last season pressure was building on Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and his job looked under threat but the Gunners` board stuck with him and Moyes believes they are being rewarded for that faith as their other title challengers changed managers.

United saw the departure of Alex Ferguson while Jose Mourinho came in at Chelsea and Manuel Pellegrini replaced Roberto Mancini at City and all three are trailing the Premier League leaders.

"I think it is stability. It shows the benefit of continuity like Manchester United have had over the years, Arsenal have had and Everton have had," he said. "It shows that helps a lot and Arsenal are proving that it benefits them."

Moyes dismissed early talk on Friday from Wenger that he still sees United striker Robin van Persie as an Arsenal player.

Van Persie moved to Old Trafford last summer in a £24-million deal and his goals helped them to their 20th Premier League title.

"He`s a Manchester United player but I`m sure he`s understanding he has played for Arsenal. He came to Manchester United and he helped them win the Premier League but most people in Manchester see him as a United player.

"I don`t know if Robin finds it difficult playing against Arsenal though as it`s my first game as United manager for an Arsenal game."

Moyes also said that he will not be speaking to Ashley Young after the United winger was accused of diving to win a penalty in their 0-0 draw against Real Sociedad in midweek.

The Scot has spoken to the winger already this season about going down to easily but insists this time it was the referee`s decision.

"No I have not spoken to him," he said. "The referee was two yards away and gave a penalty kick. You need to talk to the referee. I don`t see it as an issue at all."

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