Davies` team mate Faty says drove speeding car

France: Sochaux`s Jacques Faty was driving the car that was caught speeding at 201 kph last Saturday and not their United States striker Charlie Davies, the French-born Senegal defender was quoted as saying on Saturday.

Police said earlier on Saturday that the 24-year-old Davies`s driving licence had been confiscated after he was caught speeding in eastern France last weekend almost exactly one year after being involved in a fatal car crash.

Davies had sustained internal injuries and multiple leg fractures in that crash, which killed another passenger, in the United States last October.

But, according to Faty, Davies was not at fault last weekend. Faty, 26, said he exchanged seats with Davies, who was sitting in the passenger`s seat, when he realised they were being pulled over by the police.

"I panicked. I told myself that with his American nationality, Charlie would have less problems," Faty told local newspaper Le Progres`s .

Davies`s injuries ruled him out of this year`s World Cup in South Africa, where the United States were knocked out by Ghana in the second round.