De Gea confident of hitting top ‘gear’ soon

London: Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is convinced that he will recuperate from the rickety start to his career at the Old Trafford.

The 21-year-old Spanish U-21 international believes that he has the ability to go on and even surpass Edwin Van Der Sar’s accomplishments here.

“Hopefully, I`ll equal or even surpass the performance and contribution Edwin made,” said De Gea. De Gea was signed from Athletico Madrid by United for an amount of 17.8 million pounds before the start of the season to replace Van Der Sar,a leading daily reports.

Despite committing few mistakes in his initial matches, De Gea seemed to have settled well in the team only to commit another gaffe to give Blackburn’s Adam Hanley the winner in their last match. De Gea doesn’t seems to be in any mood to let his confidence fall down.

“Let`s face it, all keepers make mistakes once in a while, and none of us like it when we do,” he added.

He also stressed on the physical nature of English football and believes he needs to be more confident in order to avoid such mistakes which in turn can be costly for the team.