England concerned over high temperatures hitting Brazil WC due to `El Nino`

London: England are reportedly concerned that their bid for the World Cup glory in Brazil this summer could be undone by the El Nino event that could result in high temperatures during the event.

Climate researchers at the University of Reading have said that there is a 60 percent chance of an El Nino event hitting the country, which is likely to cause extremely dry and sunny weather in June and July.

According to the BBC, teams from UK have traditionally struggled to cope with these types of weather conditions and this complicated meteorological system might blight the chances of the England squad winning the World Cup next month.

El Nino is reportedly a part of a cycle occurring every two to five years, characterized by a rise in sea-surface temperatures in central and eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean, and also has its implications for the whole world.

Scientists at Reading are of the opinion that El Nino does not bode well for footballers who are more used to the chill and damp of the UK, which could mean that England`s World Cup glory hopes are melted in the scorching temperatures, the report added.

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