English league clubs slash agent payments

Zeenews Bureau

London: As the world of sports to grapples with the effects of global recession, English Football League announced that the British clubs have cut payments to agents to the tune of 2.3 million pounds or 2.7 million euros over the last year.

Compared to the 11.1 million pounds (12.8 million euros) paid to the agents in the preceding season by the 72 clubs in the three divisions outside the Premier League, only 8.8 millions pounds were shelled out to agents between July 2008 and June 2009.

Over the course of the season, Football League clubs made 3,727 player transactions, which includes new registrations, transfers, contract updates, contract cancellations and loans, but just 229 involved a payment to an agent.

Payments from the Championship clubs totalled 7.5 million pounds (8.6 million euros) between them, 86 percent of the total paid out, with 1.1 million pounds (1.2 million euros) paid by League One clubs and just 200,000 pounds (231,000 euros) from League Two clubs.

Announcing the results on Thursday, Football League chairman Lord Mawhinney said: "Given the current financial outlook, it is encouraging that clubs are being more circumspect in terms of their payments to agents."