Chelsea manager Benitez vows to spill beans about club

Last Updated: May 02, 2013, 19:53 PM IST

London: Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez has pledged that he will spill out all well-kept secrets of the club, following his last chance of staying on with the club.

Benitez is aware that he will have to part with the club even if the team wins the Champions Trophy, as many reports have speculated that Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho is ready to replace the Spaniard at 12 million euros.

Ahead of Chelsea`s Europa League semi-final with Basel, Benitez revealed his experiences with the team and how difficult it has been trying to work with `ultra-demanding` club owner Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea attacking midfielder Juan Mata has backed Benitez, saying that the Chelsea team is content working with Benitez, adding that the manager is present at all times during the game and at trainings, analyzed rivals, preparing for each game in order and has done the best for the club.

Mata has also said that Chelsea is trying its level best to win the trophy, only so Benitez`s work is recognized and credited.

Benitez will add to the list of eight other Chelsea managers in 10 years to part ways with Chelsea.