`Underperforming` Liverpool up for sale for 350 mln pounds

Updated: Jul 28, 2013, 11:20 AM IST

London: Premier League club Liverpool is reportedly up for sale at a price of 350 million pounds.

According to The Sun, the US owners of the Anfield giants, Fenway Sports Group, have become disillusioned with the club, as they have not managed to reach the top of the Premier League even though Fenway bought the club for 300 million pounds in 2010 and spent 187 million pounds on the players.

Stating that the club has flopped in the league and has not come into Europe despite spending over 100 million pounds on transfers, an English bank source said that the fact that Luis Suarez could be sold is no coincidence, adding that selling a star player is a classic sign of wanting to get out.

According to sources, the club approached oil giant Saudi Aramco to discuss sponsorship months ago, with the report adding that Fenway is angry at the money lost on transfers under former manager Kenny Dalglish, including Andy Carroll who was bought from Newcastle United for 35 million pounds and then sold to West Ham United for 19 million pounds.

The report further said that two other US billionaires are in the running for ownership, although names have not yet been revealed.