EPL 2012: Manchester United vs Liverpool - As it happened...

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Steven Gerrard 46' (LIVERPOOL)
Robin van Persie 81' (PG) (MANCHESTER UNITED)

Anfield: Liverpool slumped to yet another defeat as Manchester United registered their 4th victory, the third after being a goal down. 2-1 was the final score at Anfield. Robin van Persie scored the winner courtesy a penalty after Steven Gerrard had put the hosts in front and Rafael’s strike had brought back parity.

Steven Gerrard scored for the hosts in the 46th minute as Glenn Johnson took the ball to the edge of the box, the ball fell in front of Gerrard, the captain fired in a left-foot volley into the net. Manchester United struck back immediately courtesy a brilliant effort from Rafael. Rafael took a stellar strike from inside the box, a curler cutting inside and bending a beautiful left-footed striker in off the far post. Shinji Kagawa with the assist.

But it was in the 76th minute Antonio Valencia broke through the Liverpool defence. Johnson brought the winger down and refree Hasley pointed to the spot. Robin van Persie stepped up in the 81st minute slotting the ball to top right, though Reina had guessed it right, he got a hand to it but the deflection was not enough to take the ball away from the goal.

Eariler, Liverpool had started off brilliantly being the aggressor first up. Luis Suarez had plenty of opportunity to score but the Man U defence somehow managed to block. Sterling and Kelly impressed again first up moving well but they were a man down by the 39th minute when Jonjo Shelvey was sent off for a double-footed lunge on Johnny Evans.

Manchester United have now climbed to the second spot in the table.


90 + 8 mins.: And that is the end of it, Liverpool slump to yet another defeat as Manchester United register their 4th victory, the third after being a goal down. 2-1 is the final score at Anfield.

90 + 4 mins.: Hernandez tries a long range, Reina with a simple save.

90 + 3 mins.: Kelly goes down, van Persie with the challenge, he clutches his knee, this looks serious.

90 + 2 mins.: Evans goes down. Man U get a free-kick.

90 mins.: Five minutes of added time.

89 mins.: van Persie earns a corner. Substitution Rafael Danny Welbeck

84 mins.: Yellow card for van Persie for a foul on Suso.

81 mins.: Substitution Shinji Kagawa Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez

81 mins.: Robin Van Persie scores GGOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!, Man U 2-1 up, top right corner. Reina had guessed it right ,got a hand to it but the deflection was not enough to take the ball away from the goal.

76 min. Antonio Valencia breaks away and runs inside the Liverpool ‘D’ ,Glenn Johnson brings him down and PENALTY !!! for Manchester United. Menawhile, Agger down on the ground and getting some treatment. Agger being carries off the field.

Yellow Card José Reina Paez and Glen Johnson.

73 min. Free-kick to Liverpool, Gerrard takes it, balls lands in no man’s land, cleared by Man U defence.

70 min. Henderson settles in quickly and does well to dispossess Rafael in midfield. Gerrard spreads a beautiful pass out to Kelly and the ball is worked to Suarez, who takes it first time and fires across goal from a tight angle, but it goes all the way out for a throw-in.

68 min. Suso with a cleaver pass for Suarez inside D, the Uruguayan tries to squeeze the ball into net from a tough angle, fails.

67 min. SUB Substitution Raheem Sterling out Jordan Henderson in

66 min. Good play by Liverpool, Good long ball in by Gerrard to Suarez inside D and Suso has a strike on goal, Lindegaard with the save. Corner for Liverpool.

65 min. Giggs offside.

63 min. Giggs takes the corner, cleared.

63 min. Carrick with a lob inside D, Kelly intercepts and corner for Man U.

62 min. Suarez with a low drive from the left foot and Lindegaard with a good save.

58 min. Yellow Card for Paul Scholes for a foul on Sterling.

55 min. Van Persie goes down in the box but Mark Halsey is completely uninterested. The Dutchman is then felled further out and the visitors retain possession from the free-kick.


51 min. United level it within minutes, Rafael with a stellar strike from inside the box, cuts inside and bends a beautiful left-footed striker in off the far post as a helpless Pepe Reina can only watch.Shinji Kagawa with the assist.

SUB Substitution Fabio Borini out Suso in

SUB Substitution Nani out Paul Scholes in


46 min. Steven Gerrard with the goal, Glen Johnson with the assist. Johnson took the ball to the edge the ball falls in front of Stevie G, the captain fires in a left-foot volley into the net.

Second half underway.

45 +2 min. It is half time, Liverpool 0, Manchester United 0, Red card to Jonjo Shelvey in the 38th minute for his double footed lunge on Evans. Liverpool though were the aggressor with Suarez getting the maximum opportunity to score. Man U defence without Vidic struggled but managed to hang in there against the constant barrage of attack led by Sterling and Suarez.

45 min. Borini with a chance as he gets behind the ManU defence, Evans clears for a corner.

43 min. Giggs with a long pass in but cleared.

42 min. Suarez goes down, a bit of theatrical by the Uruguayan, but Liverpool get the free kick, good position. Lindegaard with a fine low save. Suarez fired it in to left corner, swirling away from the Man U keeper.

39 min. Shelvey gets RED card for a double-footed lunge on Johnny Evans, just runs in towards the defender and the Ref Halsey takes out the red card.

37 min. Man U defence put under pressure by Kelly, Suarez and Sterling. Man U defence just hanging on clearing rather clumsily.

35 min. Poor pass by Nani, and the Reds are on the attack again.

34 min. Gerrard takes it, too long, Glenn Johnson at far post falls, takes a jibe at Ferdinand.

33 min. Fourth CORNER of Liverpool as Suarez dodges three Man U defenders and takes strike but is blocked.

32 min. Gerrard with the kick, too much pace as Suarez heads it well wide of the goal.

31 min. Evra brings down Sterling just outside the D, not a bad challenge but free kick at the edge of the box.

29 min. Suarez again finds the ball close to goal but Evans clears.

28 min. Suarez breaks away, find no one in support, is crowded out by Man U defenders inside the ‘D’.

25 min. Kagawa down, ref gices a free kick in a good position. Nani fires it in, top corner, Raina not disturbed, over the bars comfortably.

24 min. Kelly on the run again and Gerrard long pass blocked early by Carrick.

21 min. Gerrard crosses a high one, Man U defence scrambles and Agger is down in front of Evans, cries for Penalty, not given. Lindegaard with the save.Rio Ferdinand is down and receiving treatment after that passage of play.

20 min. Third CORNER for Liverpool, Rafael with the clearance yet again, Gerrard’s corner cleared.

19 min. It is Liverpool all the way, Kelly with a long ball in, Evan stretches and clears.

15 min. Shelvey fouls Rafael, free-kick given.

14 min. Borini’s shot on goal blocked by Rafael. Good pass by Suarez inside the box, Borini took the ball to far right, tough angle.

9 min. CORNER for Liverpool, Shelvey takes it, short one, Suarez breaks through and has a shot on goal, missed by a whisker only.

7 min. Giggs with an attempt on goal right from the edge of the box but wide, it was Kagawa with the pass.

6 min. CORNER for Liverpool, Stevie G with the short pass, than a long one. Cleared by Rafael.

3 min. Nani with some neat footwork, right at the edge of the box.

1 min. And the match is underway.

Sir Bobby Charlton hands a floral tribute of 96 roses to Liverpool legend Ian Rush, while the two captains release the balloons. "Justice for the 96" rings around Anfield. A very fitting, very emotional tribute.

Out come the players, at Anfield - both sides wearing tracksuits with '96' on the back.

Full line-up

Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Gerrard, Allen, Shelvey, Borini, Suarez, Sterling. Subs: Jones, Jose Enrique, Sahin, Assaidi, Henderson, Carragher, Fernandez Saez.

Man Utd: Lindegaard, Da Silva, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Carrick, Giggs, Valencia, Kagawa, Nani, van Persie. Subs: De Gea, Anderson, Hernandez, Welbeck, Scholes, Cleverley, Buttner.

Time for Manchester United vs Liverpool and this time it is at Anfield. Liverpool are languishing at the bottom, third from last with just 2 points from four matches whereas Manchester United are placed 5th with 9 points in 4 matches.

The match will start at 5:55 pm (India Time)

Last time when the two met at Anfield, the game ended in a 1-1 Steven Gerrard (68’) and Javier Hernandez (81’) scoring the goals.


• In their last five Premier League meetings, both sides have been on the scoresheet; the last time a side kept a clean sheet in this fixture was in October 2010 when Liverpool won 2-0.

• Brendan Rodgers’ side are still looking for their first clean sheet of this season, having kept 11 in the Premier League last year

• Liverpool have had 75 shots so far this season – the most in the league – but only 15 of them have been on target.

• Luis Suarez (pictured right) has created more goalscoring chances than anyone in the Premier League (12), but has yet to register an assist.

• Nemanja Vidic and Michael Carrick are the only two players to have started all four Premier League games for Manchester United this term.

• Danny Welbeck has yet to have a shot on target in the Premier League, despite 10 attempts so far this season; seven of them came in last week’s win over Wigan.