Rodgers reiterates fear Suarez might not win penalty ever again due to ‘diver’ reputation

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2012, 16:12 PM IST

London: Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has claimed striker Luis Suarez might not win a penalty ever again due to the diver reputation he has acquired following his on field antics in last few games.

Rodgers admitted he was at a loss to explain the dive that incensed Stoke boss Tony Pulis but insisted there did no justification for an outcry that has left Suarez fear referees will now deny him even legitimate penalty appeals.

“It is a constant theme, and it just seems too easy to jump on his back at the moment,” the Daily Mail quoted Rodgers, as saying after being asked about Suarez being called a cheat by Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny.

“It just seems he’s not going to be awarded a penalty, whatever happens, and certainly he feels himself he’s not sure what he has to do to get one,” he added.

‘I get the chance to work with him every day and see the type of person and character he is. He’s had it rough, but people forget he is a box player who twists and turns and asks questions of defenders,” he said.

Rodgers added: “I can’t think of too many who do as much of that type of work inside the area, so naturally he is going to be involved in more (penalty) incidents.”

“We don’t want players going down without cause, and, against Stoke, he hit the deck for a reason I’m not sure of. But I respect the sort of player he is and can understand why he is beginning to wonder what he has to do for a spot-kick to be given,’ he concluded.