Suarez blames David Cameron of `hate campaign` following `biting` incident

footballer and accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of breeding hatred for him by saying that he is not a correct example for children.

According to the Mirror, Suarez, who bit Chelsea`s Branislav Ivanovic in April and was charged with racial abuse of Patrice Evra in November 2011, said that he is angry with the English media, and despite his persistence with his job in England, the media followed him on the streets though he claimed that he can no longer apologise to the people in England.

According to the report, Suarez`s 10-match ban after the biting incident provoked Cameron to say that the striker `set the most appalling example.`

The report said that Liverpool had earlier backed the striker despite the allegations against him and wanted him to stay on at the club for the remaining three years of his contract, but is now planning a quick exit for him by selling him off to Real Madrid or Bayern Munich for 40 million pounds to enable Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers to bring in replacements.

However, Suarez insisted that he has been victimised and had a bad moment in England, but was not defended, adding that he should consider shifting to another league.

Meanwhile, Pepe Reina said that Suarez reckons the desire to win trophies and play for the best club which is the real reason for his possible departure.