Beckham hopes to beat Giggs’ ‘longevity’ record

London: Former English footballer David Beckham has said that he has not ruled out playing into his 40s like his former Manchester United team-mate Ryan Giggs, who has signed a new one-year contract at United.

Stating that he is still fit and can play in his later years like veteran Giggs even after his five-month deal at Paris St Germain runs out this summer, Beckham said that the reason he is still playing is because of his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, a leading British tabloid reports.

According to the former United player, Ferguson had taught him and his team-mates since they were teenagers to respect football and their bodies and play like they love the game. Beckham further said that he believed that he may be able to beat Giggs on going ahead with his career.

Stating that at his age, he cannot take a contract for two or three years, Beckham, however said that he wants to make a big contribution at PSG during his six-month contract at the French club.