Ferguson not keen on Rooney`s exit from Manchester United

Last Updated: May 12, 2013, 14:24 PM IST

London: Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney has reportedly not been on manager Alex Ferguson`s list of footballers to make an exit from the club, despite the fears that he will soon be forced out of the Old Trafford.

Rooney has been linked with moves outside United and the speculations of his exit from the club have risen over Ferguson`s decision to constantly substitute him with other players at important events such as the Champions League, the Daily Star reports.

Ferguson has expressed his concerns over Rooney`s fitness as the manager believes that the striker`s fitness levels will not support him for 90 minutes, yet has not revealed any orders or approvals on Rooney`s exit from the club, according to discussions in a meeting between the two a few weeks back.

Rooney is discontent with the present situation at the club where he is sometimes played out of position and at other times not included in tournaments, the report added.