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Diego Costa's aggression key to his performance

New Delhi: Chelsea striker Diego Costa on Saturday conceded he was “no angel” but also defended his action that resulting in him getting a three-match ban.

The striker was suspended for three games by the Football Association, after being found guilty of violent conduct when it was ruled he had deliberately stamped on the ankle of Liverpool`s Emre Can during Chelsea`s League Cup semi-final leg victory on Tuesday.

Post the incident, there has been an intense debate on whether the 26-year-old should change his style of playing.

Chelsea fans felt Costa had no intention of hurting Can while the duo tussled for the ball. However, opposing fans argued that the ban was deserved and that Costa should be careful in the future with regards to his style of play.

A player that comes to mind after this incident in the Capital One Cup is Luis Suarez. The Barcelona striker, during his time at Liverpool, polarized fans with his style of play.

Like Costa, Suarez is direct and very physical. He hassles defenders and challenges for every ball. In short, players of this nature are a nightmare for defenders to deal with.

It is this raw aggression in his game that gives Costa the edge on the field. The Spaniard is a rugged centre-forward and is an old-fashioned British striker. Sadly, players like Costa and Suarez are a dying breed of footballers.

The way a player like Diego Costa plays on the pitch has to do with his upbringing and tough life growing up. He is a sort of a player that has played out his childhood on the streets where being physical and ruthless is the only mode of survival.

If Costa alters his playing style, as Manuel Pellgerini has advised him, he will also lose a part of his ability as a striker. The mental make-up of such players helps them deliver their best on the pitch.

For Costa, playing football is nothing short of a battle. He loves getting involved his scraps with defenders and bullying them, if need be.

Diego Costa is a player every defender would hate to play against. Opposing fans love berating him, but they'd want him playing their team every day of the week.

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