Euro 2016 Final: Portugal vs France — As it happened...

Without Cristiano Ronaldo, who picked up an injury in the first half, Portugal won their biggest match.

Euro 2016 Final: Portugal vs France — As it happened...

Portugal became the first team to win the European Championships without winning a single game in the group stages. They scrapped to tight wins, and their title winning night was evident of their campaign. Scrappy wins, but wins nonetheless.


For a team, which relied heavily on the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo, winning their biggest match without the Real Madrid superstar was indeed impressive. And the credit goes to managed to Fernando Santos for his tactical brilliance, and also the on-field leaders Nani and Pepe and also the tireless Joao Mario.


120+2' - Portugal (Eder 109') 1 - 0 France: An imperious header from Pepe to keep the ball in the air, as long as possible.

France got a good ball inside the Portugal box, but the flag was up in the air.

Ronaldo started celebrating. Goal kick from Rui Patricio, even though he got a yellow card.

And the biggest night in Portuguese history!!! They are the champions of Europe. Beat France after 41 years.

120' - Portugal (Eder 109') 1 - 0 France: Joao Mario had a good run but his attempt to turn and cut was thwarted by Bacary Sagna.

And two minutes additional time in Paris.

118' - Portugal (Eder 109') 1 - 0 France: Injury to defender Raphael Guerreiro. Blaise Matuidi pushed an opponent, and free-kick to Portugal.

On the sidelines, Ronaldo is playing a assistant manager's role.

116' - Portugal (Eder 109') 1 - 0 France: GOAL!!! Pogba booked for a late tackle. France somehow managed to launch and attack with Anthony Martial on charge.

Goal kick to Portugal, then another good move and equally impressive defence from France.

114' - Portugal (Eder 109') 1 - 0 France: With a goal, possibly the championship winning one, Portugal managed to play smart. And in the process, conceded a corner by Pepe.

From France's corner, Portugal got a counter with Nani alone. But he couldn't reach to the ball.

109' - Portugal (Eder 109') 1 - 0 France: Eder, again, this time a long ranger finding the back of French goal.

France in trouble, and Anthony Martial on for Moussa Sissoko.

107' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Eder got his hand on the ball and referee Mark Clattenburg penalised Laurent Koscielny with a yellow card and a free kick.

Raphael Guerreiro's free-kick hit the bar.

106' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Play resumed for another fifteen. And soon Balise Matuidi's high boot found Joao Mario. Escaped a possible send off, as he was already booked.


105' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Still no goal, but Portugal are slowing growing in the match.

104' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Rare mistake from Kingsley Coman, to concede a corner. Pepe's delivery from the near post forced another one, and from the following corner, Eder almost beat Hugo Lloris. Saved.

On the counter, France got a break but Pepe tracked back to save Portugal.

101' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Another corner for France, and a wasted one. Then, a long, cross-field ball managed to reach Portugal box but Andre-Pierre Gignac couldn't keep the ball in play.

99' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Another booking, this time of William Carvalho for a professional foul for chopping down Kingsley Coman.

From the replay, France won a corner thanks to a good footwork from Andre-Pierre Gignac.

Antoine Griezmann's corner failed to impress.

97' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Unlucky for Blaise Matuidi. Booked. He was trying to avoid contact with a jumping Portuguese player.

95' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Eder won a free-kick inside the French half, and from the set piece. Pepe got a good header with the ball almost hitting the target. But the off-side flag was already up.

On the touchline, Ronaldo gingerly tried to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Raphael Guerreiro got booked for a bad tackle.

93' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Still no clear chance from either side, and the play continue in the centre of the field.

91' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Frane started the play, and Andre-Pierre Gignac missed a good through pass. Portugal got their chance to build up.

After a lacklustre play, the 2016 Euro final heads into 30 minutes of extra-time.


90+3' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: And there goes the whistle. Full time.

90+2' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: What a chance. Hit the far post. Andre-Pierre Gignac got the turn he wanted after linking up with Antoine Griezmann. Beat the onrushing defender and goalie, but post was there.

90' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: France got a good ball inside Portugal box with Andre-Pierre Gignac missing the chance. Then Portugal had a decent run, only to see France getting the ball back.

Three minutes added.

88' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Laurent Koscielny almost got choked with Ricardo Quaresma strangling him when the duo fought for the ball near near corner. Goal kick to France.

87' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: What a run from Moussa Sissoko, but his release for Antoine Griezmann was a bid fast.

Moments ago, Portugal got their chance with a good play involving Nani and Joao Mario.

84' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Goal kick to Portugal after a long ball from France failed to stay in play. France, taking their own sweet time, got another move involving Kingsley Coman. And a brilliant long ranger ball from Moussa Sissoko forced Rui Patricio to dive full length on the left and save. Injury to Sissoko, after valiantly attempting a header. Understandable.

80' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Brilliant cross from Nani, and similar save from Hugo Lloris but followed by a cycle kick from Ricardo Quaresma. Good save again.

In between, French defender Samuel Umtiti got booked.

78' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Second change for France, Olivier Giroud out, Andre-Pierre Gignac in. And Eder is on for Portugal, in place of Renato Sanches. Strange call from the Portuguese camp.

77' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Brilliant play from Portugal on the counter, but a good cross from the left was headed away by towering Samuel Umtiti. And French got their break...

75' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Joao Mario cleared after Olivier Giroud tried a header from a cross inside the Portugal box. It was followed by another brilliant play from Coman. His pass found Giroud, whose left footed volley was saved by a diving goalie.

72' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Kingsley Coman had a brilliant run, alone inside the Portuguese box after Olivier Giroud released a good ball. He could have baited for a foul, but the youngster went on... good play.

70' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Another wasted, long ball from French midfield. Thei attempt to find Olivier Giroud inside the Portugal box with long balls have failed to produced results.

And Portugal continue to stay in the match.

68' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Joao Mario, already booked, had a shoulder as he fought for ball possession with Samuel Umtiti on the near corner. Portugal have slowly started getting into the game.

67' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Kingsley Coman, young and eager, tried a long ranger after a sweet interplay from Antoine Griezmann.

66' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: A long bang failed to find Kingsley Coman, but the young Bayern Munich player helped himself with another brilliant play, releasing a cross for Antoine Griezmann. The Atletico Madrid player's header just missed the target.

62' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Brilliant play from Ricardo Quaresma as Portugal got a good move. But soon, on a France counter, Joao Mario got booked himself.

61' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Blaise Matuidi tried a dissecting release, but none of his French team-mates were ready to chase the ball inside the Portugal half.

60' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: At the hour mark, Portugal got a sense of possession with Joao Mario leading the charge. But as usual, France got the better of Portugal when it comes to possession.

58' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Change for France. Kingsley Coman on for Dimitri Payet. Big one from Didier Deschamps considering the limited experience Coman has.

56' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: A good period of possession for Portugal with defenders Cedric Soares and Raphael Guerreiro rolling the ball around, but France soon got the ball back.

Then, Portugal got a counter attack, and Nani almost got the wanted contact from a Ricardo Quaresma cross.

54' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: A long ball from the deep of French half raced out of control of Olivier Giroud. Throw in to Portugal, but France managed to win back the ball.

Dimitri Payet got a sight on the goal, and his attempt, a curling one, just missed the target on far corner.

51' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Nani committed a foul on Bacary Sagna, and free-kick to France. From the set-piece, France won a corner.

50' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Timely tackle from Pepe thwarted a promising, rather ambitious move from France with Dimitri Payet on the ball.

49' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Laurent Koscielny defended well to cut short a good move from Portugal.

47' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Pepe act started. Flailing legs from Moussa Sissoko tangled with the Portuguese defender. Then, Real Madrid defender rolled...

46' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Play resumed with France starting from the centre, and after an initial back-pass, they managed to breach the Portuguese defence.

In the first 45+ minutes play, France clearly dominated but their lack of finding a clear cut shot, or for that matter of fact a header, denied them the lead.

But the sad incident ivolving Cristiano Ronaldo and Dimitri Payet was unfortunate to say the least.

France got 55% possession with seven attempts, of which three were on target. Portugal had four attempts, and none hit the target.


45+2' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: And we reached the break as both the teams fail to break the dead-lock in Paris.

44' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: A long cross of Bacary Sagna, and Antoine Griezmann got tangled in front of Portugal goal while attempting a header. Referee gave no chance to players for call or deny a penalty. And brief stoppage as Patrice Evra and Ricardo Quaresma clash heads as they go up for a header.

2 minutes added.

43' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: A brief stoppage of play as referee Mark Clattenburg intervene to find the right spot to take free kick. Portugal, from the replay, wasted by releasing a long ball.

41' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Brilliant defending from experience Pepe as his well timed header cut short a cross from Sagna. Moments ago, French attacking force u produced a good move with Griezmann giving the final touch before a Payet strike, which got deflected from Pepe...

39' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: From the goal-kick, France got the chance to test Rui Patricio again, and Olivier Giroud came tantalizingly close to break the dead-lock with a header.

38' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: A little of introspection and caution for France as Portugal continue, for some time, to build their own attack. Nani had a go at the goal, but it failed to hit the target. Corner won, nonetheless, their first.

36' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Some sweeping work for France goalie and captain Hugo Lloris as a long ball reached their half, unattended.

34' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Brilliant save from Rui Patricio to deny Moussa Sissoko from close range. Then booking of Alves Cedric for a rough tackle on Payet. First of the match.

32' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Shoulder to shoulder between Jose Fonte and Bacary Sagna as the Frenchman charged towards Portugal goal from the right flank. Goal-kick to Portugal.

31' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Another corner to France and Moussa Sissoko attempt from distance was blocked away. France continue to press hard, and Olivier Giroud's brilliant lofted pass just missed an onrushing Antoine Griezmann in the Portugal D.

28' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Le Bleus continue to dominate the proceeding with greater possession of the ball, and more meaningful moves.

In the latest move, Dimitri Payet found himself losing a long ball inside the Portuguese half. Renato Sanches did the moping up.

26' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Nani has taken the captain's arm-band, even as Ricardo Quaresma comes in for injured Ronaldo.

25' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: From the following play, Adrien Silva got a chance to test French goal-keeper and it missed the target. Ronaldo continued to hobble up, and he's already removed his captain's band. The Real Madrid super-star stretchered off.

22' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Disciplined defending from Samuel Umtiti to cut short Portugal attack.

Then, from an counter attack, Moussa Sissoko produced a stunning strike, earning a corner for France.

20' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Renato Sanches won the ball inside Portugal and they launched an attack, even as Ronaldo returned to the field.

18' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Medical attention for CR7, on the touchline as the play continued with 10-man for Portugal.

16' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Probably the end of Cristiano Ronaldo's night. On the floor, after clashing with Payet.

15' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Portugal left-back Raphael Guerreiro did well to block a ball from Bacary Sagna. Throw in for France. Patient play from the French side.

14' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Laurent Koscielny conceded a fault, late charge. France won back the ball, and Patrice Evra in command as they continue to plod for a move.

12' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Paul Pogba found Dimitri Payet on the left flank, then Blaise Matuidi linked up as France pressed hard. But Portugal defended well to won back the ball, and make their own move.

10' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: First corner of the match, and Payet's release from the near corner sailed into the hands of Rui Patricio.

It was indeed a bad play from Pepe to loose the ball, and allowed Antoine Griezmann to have a go at the goal.

8' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: And Dimitri Payet roughed up Cristiano Ronaldo, sort of, in the follow through. Free kick to Portugal inside French half, and Ronaldo got magic sprayed.

7' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Moussa Sissoko and Blaise Matuidi partnered in the mid-field and the former release a through ball for Antoine Griezmann, but the tournament's leading scorer failed to make proper contact, on the turn. Only goalie to beat for him.

6' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud combined well in front o Portugal goal, but the final result was a wayward kick from Moussa Sissoko.

4' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Still, all France. Another promising move from the hosts, but from a long clearance Nani got the first sight on French goal. Sailed over the bar.

2' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Brilliant move from France, from the right flank, and a good cross was wasted with Dimitri Payet failing to control the ball in front of Portugal goal.

1' - Portugal 0 - 0 France: Portugal, in their traditional reds, started from the centre, from left with France in their blues.

And soon, France won a throw-in inside the Portugal final third, on the left flank.

And time of national anthems. Portugal's first...

Now, Guetta is with Zara Larsson for 2016 Euro official song — This One's For You.​

And the show is on, with the marching band of French fire brigade. Famed French DJ, Pierre David Guetta in the centre, with an ensemble of percussionists players.

UEFA ambassador and former Spain mid-fielder introduces the trophy. He was instrumental in Spain's back-to-back wins in the previous tow editions.


Portugal (4-1-3-2): Rui Patricio - 1; Cedric Soares - 21, Pepe - 3, Jose Fonte - 4, Raphael Guerreiro - 5; William Carvalho - 14; Renato Sanches - 16, Adrien Silva - 23, Joao Mario - 10; Nani - 17, Cristiano Ronaldo (C) - 7.

BENCH: Bruno Alves, Ricardo Carvalho, Joao Moutinho, Eder, Vieirinha, Anthony Lopes (G), Danilo, Andre Gomes, Rafa Silva, Eliseu, Ricardo Quaresma, Eduardo (G)

Manager: Fernando Santos

France (4-4-2): Hugo Lloris (C) - 1; Bacary Sagna - 19, Laurent Koscielny - 21, Samuel Umtiti - 22, Patrice Evra - 3; Moussa Sissoko - 18, Paul Pogba - 15, Blaise Matuidi - 14, Dimitri Payet - 8; Antoine Griezmann - 7, Olivier Giroud - 9.

BENCH: Christophe Jallet, Adil Rami, N'Golo Kante, Yihan Cabaye, Andfre-Pierre Gignac, Anthony Martial, Morgan Schneiderlin, Eliaguim Mangala, Steve Mandanda (G), Lugas Digne, Benoit Costil (G)

Manager: Didier Deschamps

News is, Pepe is back, along with William Carvalho. But France are unchanged.

Mark Clattenburg of England will conduct the match. He also refereed the finals of the FA Cup and Champions League.

Likely XIs

PORTUGAL: Rui Patricio; Cedric, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro; William Carvalho, Adrien, Joao Mario, Renato Sanches; Nani, Ronaldo.

FRANCE: Lloris; Sagna, Koscielny, Umtiti, Evra; Pogba, Matuidi; Sissoko, Griezmann, Payet; Giroud.

Hosts France will start the Euro 2016 final as the favourites. Yes, that's what everybody except the Portuguese and die-hard Cristiano Ronaldo fans.

France are an altogether different beast at home. They have won the Euro 1984 and FIFA World Cup 1998 at home soil — two of their biggest honours when it comes to international football.

Les Bleus also won the Euro 2000, and were World Cup runners-up in 2006.

Key factors that will decide the Portugal-France Euro 2016 final

And most importantly, ahead of tonight's final, they have won their last ten games against Portugal, a run dating back to 1975.

But, Portugal and for that matter of fact, any team is no ordinary when there Cristiano Ronaldo in their ranks.

The Real Madrid superstar is a demi-god, and knows how to win games, single-handedly. And a title with the national team is that the former Manchester United player wants now.

The European Selecao, despite having a rich pedigree of football stars, are yet to win a major international tournament.

But Ronaldo will need to do much more than taking free-kicks and finding space as he will a worthy opponent in Antoine Griezmann. The Atletico Madrid player has catapulted his profile to such an height in this tournament, that he has already found comparisons with Michel Platini, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo himself.

And why not, he has scored six goals and impressed with skill and commitment.



Goalkeepers: Rui Patricio (Sporting), Anthony Lopes (Lyon), Eduardo (Dinamo Zagreb)

Defenders: Cedric Soares (Southampton), Vieirinha (Wolfsburg), Bruno Alves (Fenerbahce), Ricardo Carvalho (Monaco), Jose Fonte (Southampton), Pepe (Real Madrid), Eliseu (Benfica), Raphael Guerreiro (Lorient)

Midfielders: Danilo Pereira (Porto), William Carvalho (Sporting), Adrien Silva (Sporting), Joao Mario (Sporting), Joao Moutinho (Monaco), Andre Gomes (Valencia), Renato Sanches (Benfica)

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Nani (Fenerbahce), Eder (Lille - on loan from Swansea City), Ricardo Quaresma (Besiktas), Rafa Silva (Braga)

Doubtful: Pepe (thigh)

Manager: Fernando Santos


Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham), Steve Mandanda (Marseille), Benoit Costil (Stade Rennais)

Defenders: Samuel Umtiti (Lyon), Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal), Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City), Adil Rami (Sevilla), Patrice Evra (Juventus), Bacary Sagna (Manchester City), Lucas Digne (AS Roma), Christophe Jallet (Lyon)

Midfielders: Paul Pogba (Juventus), Blaise Matuidi (Paris Saint-Germain), Morgan Schneiderlin (Manchester United), N'Golo Kante (Leicester), Yohan Cabaye (Crystal Palace), Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle)

Forwards: Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Dimitri Payet (West Ham), Anthony Martial (Manchester United), Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Andre-Pierre Gignac (UANL Tigres)

Manager: Didier Deschamps

Welcome to our live coverage of the final match of 2016 European Championships between Portugal and hosts France being played at Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris.

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