Euro 2012 was a resounding success: Michel Platini

Kiev: Uefa president Michel Platini has hailed Euro 2012 as a "resounding success" after the tournament came to an end on Sunday following Spain`s 4-0 win over Italy in the final.

The former France international is of the opinion co-hosts Poland and Ukraine proved all their critics wrong, having expressed his pride with the way in which they organised the summer`s showpiece event.

"This Euros, the first in the east, has been a resounding success, a real triumph," Platini was quoted as saying on

"Poland and Ukraine showed the whole world that they can organise this type of event and that they needn`t have any concerns.

"They can be proud of the work they`ve done, their enthusiasm and the final results. I`m proud of them, anyway."

The Frenchman then went on to discuss the use of five extra officials in matches, and stressed that the innovation helped improve the quality of football on display.

"The biggest progress compared to previous Euros? Without any hesitation, I`d say the system of five referees," he added.

"The system of five referees was a real plus in terms of the football that got played: it helped get rid of simulation in the area and also helped significantly reduce shirt-pulling during set pieces.”

"In the end, there were more goals and, even more significantly, more headed goals in this Euro than in other big international competitions.

"That`s no coincidence. The system of five referees acts as a deterrent and the quality of football benefits from that."

The two additional referees came under scrutiny after Ukraine were denied a goal against England in the group stage, as the extra official failed to spot the ball cross the goal line.