Hodgson wants to turn ‘reverie into reality’ with quarterfinal slot in Euros 2012

London: England manager Roy Hodgson wants to give the nation “something to dream about” and giving them pride in those who wear the Three Lions shirt, by securing a place in the quarter-finals of the Euro 2012.

Hodgson knows the nation is watching and wants to turn their reverie into reality as England need only a point in the splendid Donbass Arena to qualify for the last eight while Ukraine must win.

“If we think this is going to be an easier game for some reason then we are fooling ourselves. We have seen in the Euros every game is a tough game. There have been plenty of surprises already,” Hodgson was quoted as saying.

Hodgson has looked at Ukraine, examined their flawed defence, and chosen to unleash pace at them in the form of Ashley Young and Danny Welbeck.

“We believe in ourselves and we want to do well. In some ways it’s rather nice that people back home are hoping and even believing we can do well and we’re giving them something to dream about and cling on to,” the Three Lions manager said.

“We’ll be ready for the game, the players will be 100 per cent concentrated. I have made it clear to the players that nothing other than that will be good enough,” he added.