Ferdinand ‘frustrated’ over Terry racism row

London: Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has expressed anger over what his family has had to endure following the racial abuse allegedly suffered by his brother Anton Ferdinand at the hands of John Terry.

“Anton is my little brother. We have grown up together and I looked after him when we were kids,” The Telegraph quoted Ferdinand, as saying.

He said the whole controversy has left him aggravated. “If something is going to affect him and hurt him, I am always there as a shoulder to lean on. In moments like this, when things are so public and you can’t really say anything, it can be frustrating,” he added.

Ferdinand revealed his family had to face a tough time due to the whole controversy and was disappointed by the way his brother had to take abuse from ‘small-minded people’.

“For my family, yes, it has been tough. At the end of the day, my brother has not brought any accusations to anyone. He is not the accused. But he has had to sit there and take abuse from some small-minded people, which has been very disappointing,” he added.

He also said recent proceedings have left him brooding whether English football is as racist as it was 20 years ago Ferdinand said he had ‘been fooled a little bit’ about progress made in fighting racism in English football. The FA board downgraded Terry on Friday after a date was set for his trial on charges of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.

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