Fergie a magician for winning record 13th Premier League win: Hodgson

London: National England football team manager Roy Hodgson has said that Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson is a magician following the success of his team at the 13th Premier League.

Ferguson proudly clinched his team’s championship title after a pulsating match this Sunday and United’s 3-0 victory over Aston Villa, and received acclaims from Hodgson who thinks Ferguson is the only magician he knows who can give incredible performances each year and keep building stronger teams from the ashes of previous teams.

Hodgson believes that Ferguson deserves credit for keeping the same zest for the title each year and never losing his focus or direction, with each year’s battle for the title even harder to achieve than the previous ones.

The former English footballer was all praises for Ferguson’s consistency that has won him 13 titles and several cups over the years and said that he yearned to know the secret behind Ferguson’s indomitable success every time.