Ferguson says City shouldn’t whine as they benefit more from refereeing decisions

Updated: Mar 30, 2012, 14:38 PM IST

London: Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has slammed Manchester City’s Director of Football Development, Patrick Vieira, for accusing his team of getting favorable refereeing decisions.

Ferguson said if you look over the course of this season, United have got many decisions against them as well, and City have received much more favors from the referees.

Vieira had made his allegations in the wake of referee Michael Oliver’s failure to award an 89th-minute penalty to Fulham for a Michael Carrick foul on Danny Murphy on Monday, which he later denied, saying his quotes were misrepresented.

Ferguson said that at the end of the season all decisions even out, as every team has their share of luck at some point in the season.

“We’ve had some terrible decisions at Old Trafford, though, like when Newcastle got a penalty kick. But Tottenham could claim the same when Mario Balotelli wasn’t sent off and ended up scoring the winning goal,” The Telegraph quoted Ferguson, as saying.

“You could go through millions of things like that. City could have had a penalty kick against them at Stoke, as everyone saw, with Gareth Barry’s challenge on Glenn Whelan. So you get breaks here and there. Every club gets good breaks, they get bad breaks that even themselves out over a season and that will never change,” he added.

“Someone said to me some years ago that United always get penalty kicks at Old Trafford, but you go back through the 25 years I’ve been here, it’s only averaged three a year, or 3½ a year, or something like that. You can’t say that’s a lot when we’re attacking teams every minute,” he said.