Ferguson says ‘Liverpool fans are brilliant to me’

Updated: Sep 23, 2012, 14:20 PM IST

London: Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson gave an improbable new twist to his ‘ending spat’ with Liverpool, by describing the Reds’ fans as being very warm and ‘brilliant’ with him.

Ferguson had earlier called on his club’s supporters to foster a better relationship with their traditional rivals Liverpool and had urged Red Devil fans to uphold the greatness of the club by behaving respectfully ahead of the Premier League match against the Reds in Anfield.

“When I go to Liverpool to watch a game, the fans are brilliant to me. There’s a bit of joking, that kind of thing, but not a bit of serious abuse. Never,” a daily quoted Ferguson, as saying.

“They are football people. I relish going there. These are great games. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It is different to going to Leeds!” he added.

Ferguson, who had once famously vowed to “knock Liverpool off their perch” when he arrived at Old Trafford, now finds the roles reversed and demands renewed intent from his current charges.

He said: “They look upon this as a massive game and we’ve got to do the same. It’s a massive game for us as well. We’ve not won there in the last four years.”

“No matter if we win 20-0, the fans will keep them going. It will be very emotional,” he added.