FIFA invests 20 million dollars for green World Cup

Rio de Janeiro: FIFA will invest USD20 million in green initiatives as part of its sustainability strategy for the 2014 World Cup.

Speaking at an event here Tuesday, FIFA`s head of corporate social responsibility, Federico Addiechi said waste management, community support and renewable energy were key areas to benefit from the funds, reports said.

"The ultimate goal is to stage an event that uses resources wisely, striking a balance between economic aspects, social development and environmental protection," Addiechi stated.

The announcement was made on the eve of the United Nations Rio+20 summit here.

Addiechi said Brazil had set a precedent for future World Cup organisers with its insistence on building green stadiums.

Each of the country`s 12 host venues were obligated to provide a comprehensive sustainability plan before being granted a credit line from public lender BNDES.

The initiative has led to all stadiums being fitted with solar generators while water used from showers will be recycled for pitch irrigation.