FIFA scolds Brazil over delays in 2014 World Cup preparations

Rio de Janeiro: FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke strongly criticised Brazil over delays in preparations for the 2014 World Cup.

“Brazil is not walking along the right path,” Valcke said in an exclusive interview with the Brazilian website GloboEsporte.

He added that the South American giant, which fought for decades to win its bid to host the World Cup again, `must now get moving.`

“It has to do it for South America, not just for Brazil,” Valcke said. “This year there are elections, everything stops. Next year, there is the Carnival, everything will stop again. It is necessary to make the most of the available time to get things done.”

In an interview from Johannesburg, Valcke made no secret of his annoyance with Brazil`s sluggishness in preparing the event.

“I have received some reports on the stadiums and that does not look good at all. It`s incredible how Brazil is running late, and I am not jut talking about Morumbi (stadium in Sao Paulo) or Maracana (stadium in Rio de Janeiro), but about all the stadiums. Many of the deadlines have already expired and nothing happened,” Valcke was quoted as saying.

“Very little has been done, it is time to act,” he said.

However, he ruled out the possibility of choosing a different host for the 2014 World Cup and said he trusts Brazil to take the necessary measures to speed up preparations.

“People questioned the World Cup in Africa a lot, but Brazil is showing that it is also very difficult to hold one there. You (Brazil) have the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games (in Rio de Janeiro). But you have to fulfil commitments,” Valcke stressed.

Bureau Report