FIFA seeks Romario`s support for World Cup

Rio de Janeiro: FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke says he will seek the support of Romario as Brazil prepares to host this year`s Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup.

The former Barcelona and Brazil striker, now a federal deputy for Brazil`s socialist party, was this week appointed president of the country`s tourism and sports commission, reports Xinhua.

"I just wish him all the best. I hope in his position he will support us," Valcke said Friday.

"I know that sometimes he has harsh words on FIFA and the World Cup but at least I hope that he will support the World Cup as a sporting event."

Valcke is currently in Brazil to inspect the venues for June`s Confederations Cup and mark 100 days until the beginning of the tournament. The lead up to the event has been marked by stadium delays with only two of the six venues ready despite earlier assurances that redevelopment work would be completed by December 2012.

FIFA agreed Thursday to extend the deadline for the completion of Rio`s Maracana Stadium for a third time to April 27.

"It`s like when you`re expecting a baby to come. It is 100 days so you are a bit more nervous than you are at the beginning of the process," Valcke said.

"The Confederations Cup is not the same event as the World Cup, which is bigger. What we have to agree and what we have to make sure of is that we have more than enough time to test the stadium, to use the stadium, and to have a stadium ready for the Confederations Cup."