FIFA World Cup`s opening venue construction resumes

Sao Paulo: Work resumed in the stadium here that will host the first match of the 2014 World Cup after the accidental death of two workers last week leading to a suspension in construction activity.

Building firm Odebrecht said in a statement Monday that work on Sao Paulo`s Corinthians Arena was progressing at 95 percent capacity after Wednesday`s incident in which two workers were killed by a collapsed roof, reports Xinhua.

"The schedule continues normally in all of the buildings," the company said, adding that they were currently at the construction phase of lining the walls, painting, and installing electricity and running water, and that three underground levels were finished.

According to FIFA, Brazil should have all of the World Cup stadiums ready by the end of the year but Civil Defence authorities were forced to suspend work at the arena after an over hanging crane crashed into a metal structure that struck the workers.
Workers paid tribute to their dead colleagues accompanied by former Corinthians president Andres Sanchez and a priest Monday.

After the accident, FIFA said there was no plan B in terms of the World Cup opening and that work on the venue had to be completed. However due to the accident, the completion date for the arena has been pushed back by a month.

According to the investigation by the police, the possible causes of the accident was human error, a faulty overhanging crane or unstable land.

The stadium will host the opening match and five other World Cup games.