Football should be played at Eden Gardens: Mohun Bagan

Kolkata: Reacting to the poor turnout for the high-profile derby match at the Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Mohun Bagan general secretary Anjan Mitra said football should be played at the iconic Eden Gardens which has better infrastructure.

However the reason given by Mitra is both hilarious as well as illogical.

"Eden Gardens was originally for football. And it should be played at Eden Gardens, while cricket should be played in stadium like Yuba Bharati Krirangan," Mitra said.

Earlier, both football and cricket matches were played at the Eden Gardens.

"Compared to the huge 120,000 capacity of the stadium, the infrastructure is poor and really unscientific. If the stadium is full, then it would only add to the spectators` discomfort."

With Mohun Bagan increasing the base ticket price to Rs 200 from the earlier Rs 50-odd, less than 30,000 crowd turned out for the return leg Mohun Bagan-East Bengal I-League fixture.

But Mitra said price of the ticket was not a factor and added the turnout was good in I-League standards.

"We wanted to give the spectators proper comfort. Everybody is happy, including the match commissioner and there was proper security arrangement. The turnout was pretty good as per the standards of other football matches being held in the I-League."

Sports minister Madan Mitra, however, felt that the tickets were overpriced.

"The next time we would appeal to make it in the range of Rs 50-100," he said talking to the reporters.

He expressed satisfaction with the security arrangement and the conduct of the match.