Frank Lampard says right mindset can still see Chelsea win EPL

London: Chelsea mid fielder Frank Lampard has asked his team mates to discover the right mindset so that they can once again have a shot at the Premier League title.

He has also raised question marks over the ‘mindset’ of Chelsea, which compelled their manager Andre Villas-Boas to confess that Chelsea could at best fight for a top four spot this season. “I get the hump looking at the table and seeing we’re not fighting within a point or two of the lead, never mind being in that situation,” Lampard said.

He stressed that having the right mindset at Chelsea is crucial to win the league title and the players needed to raise themselves, The Telegraph reports. “We all have to have the hump with that and make sure we react. The players in this squad need to be fighting for the League, and now there’s a big gap. But you have to have that mindset, because the minute you lose it that’s when you become a top-four team as opposed to a team that’s challenging for the title,” he added.

Lampard scored the winner in the dying moment of their match against Wolverhampton Wanderers and apparently seems frustrated for not being considered as an automatic choice in the Chelsea line up.

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